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charcoal grey upholstered headboard with orange and oatmeal bedding from heatherly design

14 Kick-Arse Ideas for the Wall above the Bed

The wall above the bed is prime styling real estate. But most of us aren’t using it wisely.

Some of us (I’m gasping already) don’t even do anything with this wall. I know, it’s practically criminal. But there are options galore for this area, and today’s post proves it. The wall above the bed is going to be seen in a whole new light with the 14 kick-arse ideas I’m going to show you below.

The concepts here aren’t all new, by the way. Some you’ve seen before (like the art in the image above from Heatherley Design), but they’re definitely worth a re-visit. Because a reader told me recently that her husband won’t let her hang art above the bed. And I thought, well, try one of these ideas instead (short of divorcing him, of course!).

round tray hanging on blue wall above bed from pottery barn

14 Kick-Arse Ideas for the Wall above the Bed

The image above comes courtesy of Pottery Barn and it’s the first of the 14 genius ideas for the wall above the bed. That’s a tray you see hanging on the wall there. Many of us never even think to put something like a tray (or plates) on a wall like this. But it really is a sublime idea and brings both texture and pattern into the space.

The decorating in this zone is all fairly subdued, so the tray creates a focal point for your eye the moment you walk into the room. Every room needs a focal point, and this is a great one in a bedroom where there’s not much else going on visually.

The slideshow below showcases the other 13 ideas for the wall above your bed. Enjoy them 🙂

giant macrame wall hanging above bed on dark blue wall

Why not try a macrame wall hanging on a grand scale like this? So lightweight and easy to hang!

shelf above bed with plants on it and timber panel wall

A floating shelf is a genius idea and makes for a great spot to display indoor plants.

picture rail above bed with black and white art

A picture rail allows you to display art or family photos in this zone – and you can always change it up.

black and blue bird decals above head of bed from ikea

Some wall decals are phenomenal, and they make for a great alternative bedhead idea when done right.

grey diy headboard above ensemble bed with striped blue and white cushions

Why not apply a horizontal strip of upholstered wood like this one to create your own stylish headboard?

paper garland on wall above bed

A paper garland like this is possibly the cheapest way to bring fun and whimsy to the wall above the bed.

hexagonal mirrors above ensemble bed from ikea

These hexagonal mirrors from IKEA allow you to create your own reflective pattern above the bed head.

stay in bed lightbox above bed and black grid mood board in bedroom

I love the idea of a light box hanging above the bed to display fun or inspirational messages.

white juju hat above bed in all white bedroom with upholstered headboard

Juju hats are so eye-catching, even in a subdued space. They bring instant warmth and drama.

fairy lights above bed with upholstered headboard and white quilt

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to display fairy lights. Hang some like this above the bed for instant charm.

washi tape on wall above bed washi tap city skyline

Washi tape your own design on the wall above the bed. It’s cheap and you can constantly change it up.

timber bedhead going up onto roof above bed

Last but not least, create a rustic wood panel installation that goes right up onto the roof. Amazing, right?

Over to You!

What are some of the things you’ve done on the wall above the bed? I’d love to get some of your ideas in the comments below.

What’s worked for you and what was a total disaster? Sharing is caring 🙂

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    so many creative ideas as usual, your a great decor hound, espec. love the tiny lights, what a great idea for next christmas – OMG now youve started me thinking about that and I havent changed my autumn to winter decor yet – lol


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