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33 Winter Home Styling Ideas and Cold-Weather Essentials

Winter is still my favourite season, despite this year feeling particularly cool down here in Melbourne. 

Even with the cold snap, I’m still devoted to all things winter and love to make my home reflect it. If you’re needing some inspo to get through the colder months in style, this post has you covered.

From interior styling ideas to DIY projects, essential pyjama buys right through to things you can bake – I’ve got it sorted.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below too; what are your winter rituals and style go-to’s? Do let me know 🙂

nathan and jac grey and maroon living room with blush cushions and black furniture
Nathan and Jac have the right idea here

1. Cushion up your Couch

I always think that more is more when it comes to cushions on your sofa, but this is especially true in winter. My butt can be found firmly planted on the sofa most night’s when it’s cold, and cushions provide additional comfort. I have some stunners from Art Club Concept on my own sofa, and they rock.

2. Bring in Some faux fur

Nothing says winter to me like faux fur – be it on a sofa or on your bed. I’ve had a play with faux fur cushions, throws and rugs from Lorraine Lea of late and it’s been a divine experience. The Chinchilla varieties are a particular fave and the colour palette is moody and amazing.

dusty pink chunky knit throw from adairs

3. Chunky Knits for the Win

Nothing makes me giddy with excitement like seeing a jumbo, oversized knit blanket. All those chunky cables intertwining is enough to deem me ready for a cold shower! This Home Republic option from Adairs is at the top of my lust list. Need and want ASAP.

4. Put extra Throws on the Bed

The more texture you have in a space, the cosier and more welcoming it’s going to feel. And who doesn’t want their bedroom to feel inviting in winter? I like to place a thick blanket across the width of my bed and then run a smaller throw across it vertically. It’s a nice way to add layers and looks fab.

Rustic candelabra and candles Autumn decorating ideas on TLC Interiors
This scene from H&M is wonderfully wintery

5. Introduce Winter Candles

Yes, there are winter scents and summer scents. For example, a citrus fragrance has no place being let loose in the colder months. I’m all for earthy, musky fragrances in the colder months; vanilla caramel from Middletree is my current fave, but there’s a full list of my fave scents here if you need.

6. Bake an Apple Crumble

An apple crumble, done well, is enough to make me excited for winter weight gain. I’m by no means a Master Chef (I’m actually pretty lame when it comes to cooking) but even I can do a crumble. My partner makes them for the most part, and I tend to help. Check out our easy apple crumble recipe here.

7. Explore new Red Win Varieties

Like the candle fragrances I mentioned above, I tend to do believe that particular wines are better in cold or warm weather. My general approach is white wine in summer, red wine in autumn and winter, and a combo of white and rose in spring. I get a lot of cheap wine from Aldi and I have to say that they do some pretty awesome drops for under $10 (seriously!).

peter alexander mens onsie
I do not look like this when I put on my onesie

8. Get some Fresh Winter Pyjamas

My birthday is in April and each year I always ask for new pyjamas. There’s just something so quaint about getting into a fresh batch of PJ’s and snuggling up on the sofa, don’t you think? My go-to store is Peter Alexander, and I always opt for bright or whimsical patterns and colours.

9. Get yourself a Cute Mug

Call me a wasteful decorating addict (guilty!), but I love getting myself new mugs all the time. Sure, have a standard set. But also ensure you get a giant mug you can grip onto in winter. Use it for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soups. The bigger the better if you ask me.

the handmaids tale season one

10. Binge Watch these TV Shows

Nothing pains me more than commercials, and nothing pains me more than waiting a week to see the next episode of a show I’m obsessed with. So for me, it’s ALL about the binge. I’ve not long finished The Handmaid’s Tale and it was amazing. Ditto to The Good Fight (the spinoff series of The Good Wife), which is equally awesome. Big Little Lies is also essential viewing. I love most shows with strong female leads!

11. Try a new Tea Flavour

I used to be a coffee devotee all the way. I’d go an English Breakfast tea occasionally but nothing more. And then I got into flavoured teas. Sure, it might just be a cup of peppermint of chamomile, but there is something wonderfully soothing about a simple flavoured tea in winter. Great on a cold night.

12. Embrace Rich Reds

When it comes to decorating your home, it’s all about rich reds in winter (more inspo and ideas on that trend here). Bringing in ruby and plum tones atop a grey palette is a winning colour combination if you ask me. And loads of stores seem to agree because they’re all stocking decor in this colourway. I’m smitten.

13. Add Layers to your Mattress

If you mattress only has a fitted sheet on it, you’re doing it wrong! There should be three layers on your mattress, not even including the fitted sheet. And if you want to see what they are, I detail it all in this post for you. It’s the only way to ensure maximum warmth and comfort.

14. Mood Light your Rooms

Winter snuggles on the couch are anything but cute if they’re taking place under overhead lighting. For me in winter, it’s all about a floor lamp, table lamp and crackling candle. These light sources are so important in creating mood in a room, so flick off the overhead lights and explore other, more romantic options.

15. Style your Reading Nook

So many of us have an armchair in our living room or bedroom and never use it (the one in the bedroom in particular always seems to get used to dump clothes on). Well, it’s time to change all that. I have all the tips and style inspo you need to make your reading nook amazing in this post – so check it out and make this pocket of your home shine!

16. Create the Ultimate Cheese Board

As I alluded to above (but will openly admit here), I always gain weight in winter. And I don’t mind it. For me, winter is all about indulging. And nothing is better in adding a few inches to your waistline like a sublime cheese board. My fave cheese at the moment is an extraordinary marinated goats cheese from Meredith Dairy (you can buy it at Woolworths). It is honestly the best cheese I’ve ever had. Aldi also does an awesome Castello cheese you should try!


17. Day-Spa your Bathroom

I don’t tend to take many baths in summer, but in winter I’m always filling up the tub. But making it feel like a dayspa you can unwind in requires a few additional steps. I’ve got a blog post that’ll walk you through creating your ultimate dayspa bathroom. Check it out here. It a must-try in winter.

18. Purchase some Textural Towels

I mentioned above that there’s nothing better than a bath when it’s chilly. Add to that the moment you get out of the bath and wrap yourself up in a gorgeous towel. I recently got sent some stunners from Sunday Minx (seen above) and they were gorgeous, colourful and textural. A winter win-win!

ellie cashman dark flower wallpaper in bedroom with brass four poster bed

19. Add some Romance to your Rooms

I’ve been hooked on romantic bedrooms of late. Ones with moody walls, big bloom patterns and pops of brass. There are some amazing wallpapers on the market of late that feel wonderfully romantic and feminine. This post details the trend you see above and it’s perfect for winter. Get into it!

20. Spend Nights in Reading

My fave books are autobiographical ones. I find it hard to get into fiction and fantasy when it comes to reading. At the very least they need to feel real and have a sense of drama to them. I love getting teary during a read at home. And winter is a great time to channel your inner bookworm. One of my fave books is called A Piece of Cake, by Cupcake Brown. A real tear-jerker!

21. Get Flannelette Sheets

I recently got my hands on flannelette sheets and have never looked back. They are SO good in keeping you warm throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than sliding into a cold bed. But these sheets a warm from the moment you climb in.

22. Change up the Greenery

Again, summer is all about bright florals. I love a pink pop on my dining table. But in winter I like to make it more subdued with the colours. I am terrible at keeping greenery alive – as you well know – so I love to bring in fake plants. Here’s a list of some of my faves.

23. Do a pre-spring Clean

When the rain is teaming down outside and you’re feeling bored, I like to get in early and do a pre-spring clean. The kitchen, bathroom and hall cupboards all get an overhaul. Decluttering is an essential part of being a decorating addict (because you tend to accumulate so much). And if you need tips on getting decluttering right, this post will help.

the life creative interiors beige leather sofa with navy blue cushions | TLC Interiors

24. Rearrange your Rooms

A decorating addict (I assume you are also one) knows all too well that sometimes you run out of money. A great way to change up the look of your rooms without spending any dough is to rearrange them. I’m particularly fond of this idea in the living room. Move the sofa and TV onto new walls if the space will allow it, and then change up all your decor and put it in different spots. It’s fun – try it!

25. Host a themed Dinner & Move Night

Winter is all about entertaining at home as opposed to going out, and I’m a fan of a theme. I like to host a themed dinner party where you select a cuisine and then find a movie to watch afterwards that matches the food. It could be a Mexican, Thai, Americana night, and so on. It’s funner and more casual than a formal dinner party if you ask me. Formal is boring.

26. Explore the ‘Discover’ Tab on Spotify

I feel like all the new songs being released at the moment are so boring. I’m officially getting old. I know none of the new artists on the music scene. That’s why I turn to Spotify to discover new music. It also recommends music to me based on what I already listen to (which is mainly 90s pop). I made this house cleaning playlist recently, inspired by the 90s, and it rocks.

How to make art from your kids finger painging tutorial finished product

27. Make Some Easy Art

If you have children, this easy art project I featured on the blog is a must-try. It takes all of your old kids paintings and turns them into stylish art for your walls at home. Click here to see more of it. It’s perfect inside creativity on a rainy day.

28. Try a DIY Project

While we’re on the subject of at-home creativity, why not take the concept a step further and get stuck into some DIY? Making your own headboard (details here) is one of the easier projects I’ve featured on the blog before, and it’s a great way to add some texture to your boudoir.

29. Paint a Moody Feature Wall

I beg of you (and of myself, actually); try a moody feature wall in your bedroom. It’s a space that not everyone is going to see, so if it turns out wrong you’re the only one who’ll have to look at it under you cover it over again. Lush, deep greens are trending hard and will look just as good on your walls when summer rolls around.

30. Start Journalling

Or blogging. Or writing your first novel. Anything to get the creative juices flowing is a good idea if you ask me. I get all of my writing work done through this blog, and it’s become a great outlet for me to share my thoughts with you all. I highly recommend it. Or just crack out some pen and paper and get your thoughts out there.

globewest cabo outdoor concrete dining table and bench seat with fire pit
What a cosy scene this is via Globewest

31. Get a Fire Pit

Fire pits are my latest obsession. Sadly my back courtyard probably isn’t big enough to take one, but I love them so! I like the traditionally looking varieties but there are loads of modern types on the market as well. Bunnings has some great ones you can check out here.

32. Winter-fy your Vignettes

Pineapples, coral, bright blue decor; they’re all pieces you can let shine in the warmer months. But in winter I like vignettes around the house to feel darker and moodier. Wood, wicker, earthy tones and pops of rich reds are my cup of tea. Have a look around your space and see if you can bring some more cosiness to it.

33. Gain Weight (Really!)

Winter is ALL about indulgence, and as I said above; I gain weight every year at this time. I also start hitting the running tracks hard come spring, so I know my routine well. Winter is all about digging into bad food and lots of wine. Embrace it, make a pact to get back into exercise come September, and enjoy the expanding waistline!

What are your winter rituals and style go-to’s? Do let me know in the comments below!

The hero image in this post comes via Freedom.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I really like the idea of rich red colors in winters, it warms our eyes more than any other color. Selecting the proper lighting also sets the mood of the season. Every little idea helped a lot. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Excellent ideas! The candle, extra mattress, Flannelette Sheets, fire pit, etc. are helpful in keeping us warm and reduce energy consumption.

  3. gorgeous guy in the onesie – bet you look cute in yrs too – looks like Wentworth Miller from Prison Break – ‘ SIGH’ all the good ones are taken, but is he CREATIVE !!!
    Great article and wonderful inspiring winter decor as usual – thanks for the tips

    1. Thanks for reading Anna. Hope you got some ideas from it. Red wine and cheese tonight I think. I love making a dinner out of a good cheese board. Perfect Sunday night in front of the tele.
      And yes – totally channelling Wenthworth in those pyjamas. Sadly when I wear them I channel Wenthworth – the Prison TV show haha 😉

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