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House Rules 2015 - Team SA - Ryan and Marlee

House Rules Eviction: Ryan and Marlee Talk about their Semi-Final Departure

House Rules seems to have flown by this season, with the grand final just around the corner and only three teams left standing; Ben and Danielle, Steve and Tiana, and Bronik and Corrine. Last night, popular favourites Ryan and Marlee were edged out of the competition after delivering a backyard makeover that failed to impress judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore.

House Rules 2015 - Team SA - Ryan and Marlee

“I liked your plantings but it was your artistic feature wall where you really lost control of your vision,” Wendy said. “I know it was urban but it just didn’t make for a cool backyard.”

Wendy and Joe’s combined score for Ryan and Marlee totalled a last-place 13 points.

House Rules Semi Final Eviction - Ryan and Marlee Backyard - Before House Rules Semi Final Eviction - Ryan and Marlee's Backyard - After

Of their eviction (and right before the grand final), Ryan and Marlee are upbeat about their experience on the show.

“This has been the best roller coaster ride of my life,” Ryan, 30, said. “I hate roller coasters but I would definitely do this one again.”

Marlee, 26, thanked the teams for transforming Ryan’s bachelor pad into a cosy love nest for two. “To say this is life changing is an understatement. This is beyond that.”

Bronik and Corrine came out on top last night with a score of 18 points, runners up Ben and Danielle scored 17 and Steve and Tiana just scraped through by one point, with their combined judges score totalling 14.

Of Steve and Tiana’s makeover, Wendy said, “You had some really strong ideas and you picked the right things to change but you didn’t push your ideas far enough to really finish them as well as you could have”.

The remaining three teams must now battle it out for a place in the Grand Final and the chance to live mortgage-free.

>>> Did you agree with the judges last night? Who do you want to win the House Rules grand final? Drop me a comment below and let’s talk!


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3 Responses

  1. Was also very very unhappy that Bronik and Corine were eliminated. I think the scores should follow on, particularly in the finals.as much as I love Steve and Tiana, I think they have been the weak link all the way through. Still love the show though,

  2. I love Ryan and Marlee and was sad to see them evicted but I have to agree with the judges that wall art and the lime green wasn’t great, I wouldn’t like to look at that in my backyard every day either!

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