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The Block 2016: What we Know so Far (and Inside the Weekly Reveals)

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If it’s one thing I know about TLC readers, it’s that you love a bit of Block goss. So when it comes to what’s in store for The Block 2016, I thought it best I share with you what I know so far – and what I think the new season of the show needs (besides me as the fourth judge, of course!).

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The Block 2016: What we Know so Far

The new series will start after the Rio Olympics

While there had been a lot of rumours about the delay in the next series being due to slow ratings in previous seasons, show exec Julian Cress denied the claims. He told media months ago that they were still hunting for a location to shoot the show in. They secured one a while back though and have been filming for months. The show will premiere after the Olympics finish.

It will take place in Melbourne though

Speaking to AAP, judge Shaynna Blaze said months ago, “I think Melbourne is the home of The Block, now… there are so many unique properties and also the fact that it’s a good area and the councils come on board”.

Since that interview, we’ve learnt that the show has been filming in Port Melbourne, as the teams are renovating over a old soap factory from the 1920s. It’s an art deco building that’s going to present a lot of challenges for the couples as they struggle to reinterpret the buildings older design.

“It’s a magnificent building rich in history, and will hopefully make a few more couples rich too,” says returning host Scott Cam.

Shaynna Blaze - The Blocktagon - The Block 2015

Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer are back too.

It’s fair to say that if the divine Ms Blaze was talking to the media about The Block and where she believes they’ll film, that she was lock in for the 2016 judging panel. We’ve since learnt that Neale and Darren are back too, and co-host Shelley Craft will join Scotty too.

Host Scott Cam says, “This series has gotten off to a cracking start – one of our best yet. It is going to give Aussie viewers great pleasure watching these Blockheads restore this building to its former glory”.

There will be five teams this season – including a same-sex couple.

It’s actually pretty bad when this has to be listed as a point in a news article, but commercial TV is so lacking in diversity that this signals a big moment for the show. The Block hasn’t featured a same-sex couple since Wazza and Gaz back in season one. The Block 2016 will feature lesbian couple Julia and Sasha, who have been together for four years.

** This is an updated article for The Block 2016, and below I’ve left my original commentary on what I thought the new season needed. I’m glad they’ve answered my prayers on the diversity front. Let me know what you think!

Neale Whitaker - The Blockagon - Block new season 2015 Darren Palmer - The Blocktago - The Block 2015

The Block 2016: What the new Season Needs

I’ve watched my fair share of The Block over the years, and Lord knows that I love a reveal. The chance to examine the design and decor within each room reveal every Sunday night is my idea of a good time!

There are many fantastic things I love about The Block. As a series, it shows us what you can do in a home in the way of design and construction, and it exposes us all to a stack of wonderful Aussie furniture, decor and art brands we may to have know about previously. And I do adore the judges. I’ve interviewed all three of them on the blog before and I love the passion they have for The Block and the contestants.

But now that you’ve had your sugar, you gotta take your medicine. This is the one thing The Block 2016 is in dire need of.

The Block Judges Home Design Shows on TLC Interiors


Diversity – on all fronts.

This is the main change that needs to occur on the show. The contestants need to be far more diverse that what’s been selected in previous series. It’s not representative enough of what I see in my day-to-day life in terms of the people I interact with.

Couples from diverse, cultural backgrounds wouldn’t go astray, nor would an older couple. A same-sex couple would also be amazing, but without all of the usual cliches that often get attached to them (a male couple, for example, don’t have to be made out to be the bitches on the show).

I would love nothing more than a series with a same-sex couple, an older couple and – if you really want to drive some major change domestically – a Muslim couple, an Asian couple, an Aboriginal. All of these demographics need to be able to switch on the tele and feel like they’re being represented. Let’s hope the casting for this year is a little more diverse, huh?

What do you want to see on The Block 2016? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts on how the new season could rock.

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • I’d LOVE to be a contestant {not that I’m *ahem* old or anything}!

    28 January, 2016
  • Ugotme


    I would love to see alternating random judges each week. A poole of 6-8 judges throughout the series to keep it interesting and more of a suprise

    22 February, 2016
  • I want to apply but torn between applying with my tradie hubby or my mum…. Arrrr what should I do???

    25 February, 2016
  • Tess


    The show needs new Judges IMO.

    The current three are just to invested in the value of the show rather than the value of the work done.

    8 March, 2016
  • Andrea


    Michelle, fill in two applications and let them decide.

    11 March, 2016
  • Andrea


    Can the block come up to the Gold Coast and build something up here? I’m sure Tom Tate, the current mayor, would welcome you with open arms. He has recently intoduced a no limit on highrise heights in certain suburbs. It would be great to see a design with solar power incorporated into a high rise and something other than stairs for a fire exit, maybe absailing?
    We need you up here!

    11 March, 2016
  • I wish the block would come over here to our coast in America, like Lincoln City, Oregon my son and I would love to be on the show and do the work, not to mention meet everyone. We are huge fans!

    10 May, 2016
  • Deb L


    Diversity in contestants and judges would be refreshing- for too long contestants have been fixated on the tastes of the intrepid trio, rather than stepping out into newer and more varied spaces. It would be great if the block included residences that were a bit more normal to start with- the terraces and original block were more relatable than the old hotel and office block styles of the Block.
    You know what would be great? A home vote for the final score on each room each week- to count as part of the judged score. I know it would be tricky to implement but would give a popular voice to style, rather than relying on ‘experts’ who, at the end of the day, are subject to their own personal tastes.

    12 May, 2016
    • Maryann


      A home vote for the final score on each room each week is unrealistic because the show is filmed months before it goes on air. Therefore the renovations are finished long before we get to view on TV.

      14 July, 2016
  • Melinda


    Would love to see more renovation and less punching on between contestants. Last season was getting ridiculous with the amount of bitching shown. The first few seasons were awesome as was 2014 perhaps being one of the best. So please shown more of what the show is about and that is renovation. Cheers

    27 May, 2016
  • Lauren


    Getting the show back to how it was in its’ original days where the contestants had to do a bit more of the hard work and not just get tradies in would be WAY better than how the show has progressed.

    Diversity in the show contestants is good in theory, but the in order to keep good viewing they will need to get people who have good English speaking backgrounds or it may easily frustrate viewers and result in loss of ratings (that is Australians for you).

    The biggest limiting factor with the 2015 series was some of the contestants were just too hard to watch, they were too clueless and just annoying. It is something that casting will need to keep an eye on.

    Too much of the same… the last several series have all been quite similar in nature (high rise based) and really is there that much of challenge in renovating a building that has been gutted and you have to start from scratch? I do believe that Reno Rumble got better ratings last year because it was renovation challenges that people could more relate to in their everyday lives rather than just big construction sites where in reality a lot of stuff is more controlled than renovating old houses.

    21 June, 2016
  • Kim


    Can’t wait for the new block! I just hope for good contestants as they really do make the show. I also want to see some different design style and ideas!

    14 July, 2016
  • Lailou Blu


    These judges need to thonk about what is coming out there mouths BEFORE it comes out. Contradicting ones self does not make people think your intelligent and will make people doubt that they even know what they are talking about let alone doing. I for one would not pay Shaynna Blaze for her opinion or her style when she contradicts herself regularly. Plus I would never be associated with anyone who could be so insulting towards another person with no thought to their feelings or how those comments could inadvertently affect that persons life. Mind you Shaynna is not the only one guilty of this, they all are. Style is based on individual opinion. To cut people to the bone with insults because you don’t like that particular style is behaviour expected from children. Grow up judges!

    30 September, 2016

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