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fake christmas tree with snow and white and timber tree decorations

5 Modern Christmas Decorating Theme Ideas for Trees and More

I know, November seems like an early time to start talking about Christmas decorating theme ideas. But truthfully, is it really ever too early? I’m so obsessed with festive decorating that it pains me to take the tree down each year. The cats hate the tree coming down too, but more because they lose the ability to knock baubles off for an entire month and chase them around the house. But that’s another story altogether.

I also thought it was wise I run this Christmas giveaway in the month of November so that by the time the start of December hits, the winner will have their voucher and enough time to get new decorations sorted. And with a $500 voucher up for grabs from The Christmas Cart, that’s a whoooole lotta festive decor.

But before you enter the giveaway at the end of the post, I thought I’d show you through a few of my fave Christmas decorating themes. These ideas from The Christmas Cart will either help you start a brand new scheme at home, or it’ll allow you to build on your current Chrissy aesthetic. It’s really a win-win. Enjoy the inspiration and I’ll see you in the comments at the end of the post.

australian christmas tree decorating bushland theme

Christmas Decorating Theme 1: Aussie Christmas

I wouldn’t consider myself a traditionalist by any means. My festive themes throughout the years have gone from icy blue and silver, to multicoloured rainbow, to a recent timber and copper vibe. But when I saw this Australian Christmas decorating theme, it stopped me in my tracks. I’m starting to rethink my current aesthetic because this Aussie one is giving me heart palpitations.

If you’re starting from scratch with your Christmas decorating this year, then consider this charming bushland theme. What’s so good about it is that it’s packed with a sense of tradition. You have the gorgeous green tree adorned with a classic red, white and gold colour palette. It makes for a striking moment in your home, plus it has a wonderfully earthy feel thanks to the inclusion of real-life flora.

If you’re looking to update your current red-white-and-green Christmas scheme, then the Aussie Christmas decorations above and below have you covered. The best part is that you don’t need a tonne of them, just a few key pieces to take it from a classic theme to an Aussie bush one. Animal ornaments are the best way to do it on the tree, but they can also be scattered on tables, mantles, and other pieces of furniture around the home.

Looking to rock a red, white and gold table setting this silly season? Everything you need to do it is here.

australian bush christmas decorating ideas

Style Tips to Pull Off the Aussie Christmas Theme

There are a few key tips I recommend you keep in mind to get the best out of the Aussie Christmas decorating theme. Here’s some guidance for you:

  • Build on the green, white and red palette by including pops of gold in small doses
  • Keep rusticity in mind by adding hessian/burlap into the mix on and under the tree
  • Mix faux and real greenery; pop some branches and stems on tables and the tree
  • Matte-finish dinnerware will work really well with this look (think speckled plates & bowls)
  • Native Australian animal toys are your friend here; kangaroos, koalas, wombats and more
  • Look to stockings and napkins with Aussie bush patterns and motifs on them

Loving this look? Explore more of it on the Christmas Cart website here.

coastal blue and white christmas tree decorating ideas

Christmas Decorating Theme 2: Coastal Christmas

It’s no secret that you guys love a coastal interior design scheme. And honestly, I don’t blame you. Who doesn’t want their home to reflect that easy-breezy seaside vibe? It’s super calming and easy on the eye. 

It only makes sense then that your coastal home should have a coastal Christmas theme to go with it. After all, I always think the best festive schemes match in with the rest of the home’s look and feel. So if a soothing white backdrop adorned with soft blue and beige is your go-to, then you’ll need no convincing to give this decor a try.

What makes this look so special for me is the coming together of the glitz and the organic. It has all the glittering charm of a Christmas theme, but then there are natural elements included that make it feel distinctly beachy. The turquoise, sky and duck egg blues play so marvellously with beige and white tones to create a setting that’s calm but alluring.

This Christmas decorating theme is also packed with the sort of ornaments you want to pick and touch. And really, if you haven’t walked away from Christmas day covered in some form of glitter, was it really Christmas day?

blue and white coastal christmas decorations

Style Tips to Pull Off the Coastal Christmas Theme

This one is a really easy Christmas theme to create, but it can run off-course if you don’t keep a few of these style tips in mind:

  • Keep in the light blue lane with your ornaments and decor; avoid darker shades
  • Make sure you include somewhat literal beach ornaments like shells and starfish
  • Warm gold fairy lights will balance out the cool colour palette, so ensure you include those
  • Wrap presents in white or brown paper; you want them to feel calm and organic
  • Adorn the tabletop with crisp white, hessian/burlap, and silver cutlery
  • Avoid the urge to go blingy; a glittery blue ornament is as bold as you should go here

Loving this look? Explore more of it on the Christmas Cart website here.

white pink and blue christmas tree styling ideas

Christmas Decorating Theme 3: Pretty Pastels

I know so many of you are gasping in delight over this one, and with very good reason. It’s a scheme that screams ‘little boy’ and ‘little girl’. The colour palette is whimsical, the decorations are pretty, and it’s a theme that’ll work in so many neutral home designs. So, I have no doubt a lot of you will want to bring elements of this look into your interior this silly season.

White and grey are used in large amounts here, which makes this a no-brainer scheme because so many of you have these colours in your rooms already. It’s quite a crisp and cool scheme though. Notice no beiges are at play like in the coastal look we just examined. It’s a colder approach that reminds me of the movie Frozen in many respects. And I apologise in advance for getting the song ‘Let it Goooo’ stuck in your head. 

This is a scheme kids will love as well. I mean, just look at those stockings above. What child doesn’t want their name across one of those? The inclusion of all the little toys and characters make it super whimsical and fun for little ones and adults alike.

silver pink and blue christmas decorations

Style Tips to Pull Off the Pretty Pastels Christmas Theme

The base of this look is very easy, but what you put on top is the challenging part that you need to keep focus on. Here are some hints and tips to keep you on-track:

  • Stick to the four main colours: white, silver, soft pink and soft blue
  • Avoid going in a hot pink or dark blue direction; think ‘baby’ shades at all times
  • Glitz and glamour are your friends here; the more gloss and shine in decorations the better
  • Keep things warm and inviting with plenty of plush white toys on sideboards and under the tree
  • The tree is best kept white or silver. This look won’t work as well on a green tree
  • Keep tableware white and cutlery silver. This look is all about the ornaments

Loving this look? Explore more of it on the Christmas Cart website here.

scandi christmas decorations scandinavian christmas treet with white snow tips and brown paper presents

Christmas Decorating Theme 4: Scandinavian Christmas

I did a dedicated feature on this theme last year on the blog because it’s the one I’m most drawn to. I’ve done bright and bold looks in the past, but last year and again this silly season I’ve been enjoying the neutral vibe. It’s just so warm and inviting, it reminds me of an overseas winter wonderland, and it matches the colours I have going on in my apartment. There’s so much to love here.

If you have a neutral vibe going on at your place, this look is a no-brainer. It’s packed with texture so you don’t have to worry about it feeling flat. So often minimal, colourless homes can feel a bit sterile, but that’s always because there aren’t enough textures at play. But with this theme you don’t have to worry about that.

There’s also a real charm to this look. It doesn’t feel juvenile or too whimsical, but there’s a subtle nod to silly. An animal ornament here and there, printed santa sacks and gorgeous name tags on individual place settings. I honestly can’t get enough of this one; my fave Christmas decorating theme idea of the lot.

The dedicated blog post on this theme with more inspo photos can be found here.

rustic scandi christmas decoration ideas

Style Tips to Pull Off the Scandinavian Christmas Theme

I’m rocking this one at my place so let me tell you a few of the things you should keep in mind to ensure you don’t veer off-track with this winning theme:

  • Keep the main base colours to green, white and beige – classic Scandinavian!
  • Accent the base colours with small pops of copper, black and grey (but in small doses)
  • Texture is important, so ensure you bring in hessian/burlap, linen on tables, and fur under the tree
  • Wrap presents in white and brown paper but avoid heavy patterns; less is more here
  • Black dinnerware will work really well here, but keep it matte-finish and organic in feel
  • A frosted-tip tree is the best option, or you can buy snow spray to do the tips of your existing tree

Love this look? Explore more of it on the Christmas Cart website here.

pink and maroon feminine christmas tree decorating

Christmas Decorating Theme 5: Feminine Luxe

We’ve come to the finale of my Christmas decorating theme ideas, and I think I may have saved the best for last. I know I’ve said this about almost all of the looks in this post, but God do I adore this one a lot. It’s really rich in its colour palette and not one you see a lot of each year in stores. I think that’s why I like it so much; there’s such an element of surprise at play.

What makes this Christmas theme so magical is how unapologetically luxurious and feminine it is. It’s not shying away from the bold and the bling. And it’s fully dedicated to showcasing an array of sumptuous tones from dusty blush right through to deep burgundy.

I also like that while it is a really high-end vibe, it doesn’t lose any of the Christmas whimsy. All of that is still there. It’s the perfect coming together of posh and playful. I think I’ve just talked myself into changing my theme this year (my partner is going to kill me!).

You’ll also notice that the base of the room in the image above is white, with plantation shutters. I bring this up because I like that this whole theme is really a huge explosion of colour against a crisp neutral backdrop. I know so many of you have pare-pack colour palettes at home, so let this scheme be the wow-factor in the space for the month of December.

feminine christmas decor pink and burgundy christmas styling

Style Tips to Pull Off the Feminine Luxe Christmas Theme

Are you as captivated by this Christmas theme as I am? Well, let me give you a few quick pointers to make sure this look shines as best it can at your place this December:

  • The colour palette here is a crisp white base with lashings of pink in every tone
  • Explore every pink in the spectrum, from blush to burgundy and beyond
  • Accent the white and pink with pops of gold, on the tree and everywhere else!
  • Glitter is your friend so don’t be afraid to use it everywhere you can
  • This is a maximalist look; notice how jam-packed the tree is with decorations?
  • Style tables and sideboards with toys (nutcrackers, reindeers, fairies and more)

Love this look? Explore more of it on the Christmas Cart website here.

christmas decorating theme ideas the chrismtas cart


The fabulous team at The Christmas Cart have joined forces with me to give away a $500 voucher you can spend on their massive website. From personalised baubles to stockings, plus all of the decor you see in this post, they have it all.



Comp closes 11.59pm Monday November 30. Winner will be announced here and contacted via email.


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  1. Re: the Scandinavian Christmas do you know where you bought your tree? i’ve never seen a flocked Christmas tree look that nice!!! Or did you make the flocked boughs? I would love a tutorial just on that. Just a terrific job of it!

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