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red and white scandinavian christmas table setting by the life creative interiors

Festive Styling: 5 Easy Christmas Ideas for your Dining Table

I’ve already told you on the blog before how utterly obsessed I am with Christmas, so it should probably come as no surprise that I lose my mind over crafty Christmas ideas like a well-styled table setting.

But if you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to your dining room, keep calm and style on with the images, ideas and inspiration I’m sharing in today’s post.

The look I’ve gone for with this table setting is Scandinavian inspired, but the hints and tips here apply to any festive theme you want to go with (I honestly hate having to choose just one theme at Christmas because there are just so many gorgeous ideas. A true first world problem, right?!).

So strap yourself in and get motivated to deck out your dining table this silly season!

5 Easy Christmas Ideas for your Dining Table

Scandi Christmas Ideas Table Setting Ideas on TLC Interiors

Play with Shapes and Layers

Table settings are often quite square or rectangular, with really clean lines that can make the tablescape feel stuffy or too formal (and if it’s one thing I’m not at Christmas – especially after a few wines – it’s formal!).

To remedy this, bring in other shapes. Layering up circular plates and bowls is a genius move, but also considering placing round trays along a rectangular table runner.

Layering your items like this – and in varying textiles – will warm up the look and make it more approachable and visually dynamic. Circular glasses and candles are a great idea too. I love to use everyday items on the table setting as well; it merges form and function beautifully. And don’t be afraid to use food as a prop too (a tasty, edible prop).

Scandinavian Christmas Ideas Table Setting Ideas on TLC Interiors Blog

Get creative with place settings

Nothing makes me happier than a well-styled place setting. But you don’t need to have done a four-week craft course at community college to rock it out at home.

Just think of creative ways to jazz up plates and bowls to make guests feel a bit special when it comes time to devour the nine course degustation that is Christmas lunch.

You’ll see above that a christmas ornament for the tree has been used to hold a rolled fabric napkin together – with a gorgeous piece of rosemary from the kitchen used to bring some earthiness to the look.

Also notice the red fabric napkin placed across the bottom plate. Using fabric like this brings such a sense of warmth to the setting. Even a paper napkin would create a similar effect if you were on a budget (because aren’t we all a bit tight on cash at this time of year?).

Christmas Table Setting Ideas Scandi Style on TLC Interiors

Play with Height down the centre of the table

It’s so nice to sit down for lunch and have your eye go on a visual journey down the centre of the table. The best way to make the tablescape feel interesting is to play with height.

Look to ornaments and decoration at different heights and in varying textures and materials. You can see above that some timber trees in varying sizes have been placed atop a wooden tray. Beside those, a bowl full of pine cones. If everything is at the same height it starts to feel incredibly boring – and again – quite formal.

The only thing I will advise you do is sit at your table and ensure you can see over ornaments. There’s nothing worse than having guests across the table that you can’t see or talk to. Unless it’s a distant relative you don’t like; then place the largest item in front of their face 😉

Red and White Christmas Table Stylingh Cheats on TLC Interiors

Create a few individual displays on the table

In years gone by, table settings were all about one giant moment in the centre of the table, but we’re moving away from that now and opting for a few individual ones instead.

Consider putting three circular trays along a table runner (or more depending on your table size), and create vignettes on each of them. You might want to create three of the same vignettes or have a slightly different look on each tray.

This is where you can crack out your individual flair and have a play with styling yourself. There really are no rules, apart from ensuring (as mentioned above) that the pieces are at varying heights to create interest.

Scandinavian Christmas Table Setting Ideas on TLC Interiors

Don’t Forget to keep it playful

Christmas is supposed to be fun and whimsical, so I’m all for bringing some joy onto the tabletop. To do this, ensure you have some crackers or bon-bons for each person on their placemat, with a few others scattered down the table runner.

There are also numerous games you can get from places like kikki K that are ‘conversation starters’, where you draw a card and ask questions of the table. If you think that’s a bit naff, just ensure you have fun during the lunch. Maybe scatter chocolates on the table for the kids. Or have some smaller, affordable and fun Kris Kringle pressies for people to open on the table.

The basic message here is to have fun – without spending too much money! Because Christmas, to me anyway, is about gestures, not spending a fortune!

This setting was styled alongside the team at Metricon using some products from Adairs. See the video below for more info on how to rock the Scandi look in this post.

See more Ideas in the Video below

What Christmas ideas are you rocking this year? What’s your colour scheme going to be? Drop a comment below and let me know your plans!
This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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7 Responses

  1. So much inspiration here for me to deliver a great Christmas environment. Thank you as I always get stuck for ideas.

  2. Loved your table styling. So clean, fresh and gorgeous. We will have be having a small Christmas but your ideas will help me give the table a special look without too much fuss. Thank you for more wonderful styling ideas.

  3. Hi gorgeous (I promise I won’t turn this into a wee rhyme, Limerick, poem)
    Fab table btw, but where oh where did you get the adorable ‘Stag Head’?
    Do tell…..

  4. Such a stunning table Chris!! This year we are not doing Christmas at my place – after 40 people last year it is a relief! But we are having a small Christmas Eve gathering and another small Boxing day event – will be so nice to just do a table for 8! I love yours styling! I’ve been thinking white, silver and some potted succulents for this year – I think I might add some timber and touches of red after seeing your setting.

    1. Oh Natasha, I don’t know how you did 40 people at your place and stayed sane. I once hosted 6 people and wanted to down a bottle of champers 6 minutes in lol. Thanks so much for your lovely words, too. The team at Metricon did a lot of the work here too; they are SO good at styling and continually blow me away.

      Succulents sound like a great idea too. I want to see photos! 🙂

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