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brown paper christmas wrapping scandi christmas decorations with coloured ribbon presents under tree

How to Pull off a Scandi Christmas Tree Theme

Scandi Christmas decorations have long been on my lust list, and this year I plan on going all out. With a little help from my friends at The Christmas Cart, you can too!

With a name like Chris Carroll, it’s lucky I like the silly season. As you can imagine, I got called Christmas Carroll a lot growing up (amongst other things) and thankfully the title didn’t bother me one bit. I’m totally and utterly obsessed with Christmas, and festive decorating is clearly the reason behind it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to catch up with friends and family. It’s great to put on 10 kilos across three days. And it’s so good to look back on the year that was. But before all that happens, the decorating takes place. And that’s where the joy and rapture really occurs.

In year’s gone by I’ve gone with a blue and silver theme. But this year, depending on how settled in I am (I’m moving house December 20!), I want to change things up entirely. And that whole neutral Nordic vibe has been my favourite for a really long time.

So today I thought I’d share some Scandi Christmas style with you. And here’s the even better news: I’m also throwing in an amazing competition where you can win a $300 voucher from The Christmas Cart. Scroll to the end of the post to enter. But first, let me tell you how easy it is to style up Scandi Christmas decorations at your place!

brown paper christmas wrapping scandi christmas decorations with coloured ribbon presents under tree

A Stunning Scandi Theme starts with Colour

And the colour for a Scandi theme is so wonderfully simple and pared-back. Think white, green, black and grey. If you stick to that colour palette you can’t go wrong.

Now, it’s important to note that white and deep green would be the strongest colours. The ones you use the most. You can introduce a little black and grey, but don’t take these too far or else it can start to feel too high-contrast. We’re trying to create a soothing, easy-on-the-eye feel, after all.

The good thing about this festive Scandi colour palette is the ease at which it’ll work at your place. I have always been of the thinking that your tree should match in with your home’s existing theme. Now, because the colours here are so neutral, it means it’ll work in a Scandinavian style home, Boho house, Hamptons pad, you name it.

The other key ingredient here is the soft beige tone you see in the tree skirt above and the calico sacks below. Both are available at The Christmas Cart. The colours in these pieces are essential in adding warmth to the scheme. And seriously… don’t they look incredible? I love the natural, organic feel they bring to the setting. Very Scandi, very Hygge!

Shop the Look: Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt | Personalised Santa Sacks

scandi christmas decorations burlap christmas sack personalised santa sack

Personalisation is Absolutely Essential

Every home has to reflect the people who live in it. That’s my approach to design anyway. Whenever I design a client’s interior, I always insist we display photos. If you don’t, then it feels like you’re living in a display home. And while I do love me chic display home style, you gotta personalise your own space.

The same goes for your Christmas decorations. I want to walk into your home and get a feel for everyone who lives there. I want to see names on stocking. I want names on baubles. I want your dog or cats name on an ornament on your tree. This is what makes the theme yours, whether you’re rocking Scandi Christmas decorations or another vibe entirely.

That’s why I’m crushing so hard on The Christmas Cart. There’s so much personalisation in their Christmas range. Think Santa sacks with your name on them. Think baubles with your names on them. They do stockings, of course, and even other tree decorations with names sprawled across them. It’s the best way to give your festive styling some heart and soul. And you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting decorations some with my cats names on them this year.

Shop the Look: Personalised Christmas Stockings | Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations

hessian personalised christmas stockings hanging on mantle by christmas cave

“I want to walk into your home and get a feel for everyone who lives there. Personalisation is what makes the theme yours, whether you’re rocking Scandi Christmas decorations or another vibe entirely”.

personalised christmas stockings from christmas cave on mantle scandi christmas decorations

You Gotta Go Well Beyond the Tree too!

I know that Christmas can get pricey, and I know you don’t want to overspend. But I think of Christmas decorations (the good ones, not the cheap stuff from the chain stores) as keepsakes. These can and should be in your family for decades. There was nothing better as a teen than looking back on Christmas decorations from when you were three years old. That’s memory-making stuff right there.

That’s why I think it’s wise to invest in some key pieces that you’ll have forever. And often these pieces aren’t necessarily going to hang on the tree. The collection below (some of my faves from The Christmas Cart) gives you an idea of ways you can go beyond those glorious tree decos and look to other zones.

A mantlepiece, for example, is ideal to display some more Scandi Christmas decorations. But so is the ceiling. That silver star below is actually suspended from the ceiling, and I love this idea as an alternative to putting something on the top of the tree. The woodland creatures in the glass dome below also makes my heart skip a beat. There’s something so charming about them.

Last top tip when it comes to pulling off a Nordic vibe at Christmas: Fairy lights. But keep them to a warm white bulb. No icy blues. No multi-coloured flashing varieties. Keep it simple with the lighting and you’ll evoke instant Scandi charm.

Shop the Look: Silver Hanging Snowflake | Wooden Tree Decorations

personalised christmas baubles scandinavian christmas decorations from christmas cave

Where to get the Best in Scandi Christmas Decorations

I know I’ve banged on about Scandi Christmas decorations here. But trust me when I say that The Christmas Cart sells soooo many other looks, themes and vibes. You got the bright red and gold look. They have the white and turquoise look. Silver, green and gold decorations are also up for the taking. It’s possibly the best one-stop festive shop ever.

Personalised items ship within 5 business days too. Gotta call that out. So you can shop away now for your personalised stocking or bauble and know it’ll arrive before you put the tree up.

The Christmas Cart story began in 2008, when Deborah Quinn and Kym Aldred opened a personalised Christmas decoration pop-up shop. As two mums who loved Christmas and enjoy nothing better than sharing the festive spirit, this was an opportunity they couldn’t turn down.

So Deb and Kym came together, utilising their respective skills as a marketer and designer. And 11 years on they’re still going strong. What started as just a bit of fun for the pair, soon grew into a blossoming business. And seriously, how good is it to support small business? It certainly gives me warm and fuzzies.

Speaking of warm and fuzzies, now is the time to enter the amazing Christmas Cart competition below.

white tipped christmas tree with brown paper presents underneath christmas cave scandi christmas decorations



Deb and Kym have been kind enough to offer one lucky TLC readers a $300 voucher to spend in their online store.

To enter to win, simply:

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closed 11.59pm Tuesday November 26. Winner announced here and notified via email.

Good luck everyone. I’m off to buy some Scandi Christmas decorations of my own!


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Chris Carroll

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  1. I love the little table Christmas Tree as they remind me of my childhood as my mum always had a small tree for our table.

  2. I especially love the beautiful wreaths and the personalised silver and white damask bon bons. The wreaths remind me of a snowy Christmas from when I was a child. Just love so many things I cant list them all! A little bit of Scandi nostalgia in my newly reno’d Hamptons Style house would be lovely on our hot Xmas day in Western Australia.

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