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fake christmas tree with snow and white and timber tree decorations

101 Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas for Tables, Sideboards and Mantles

I’m so excited to share a huge 101 Christmas decorating ideas for tables, sideboards and mantles with you today. Because let’s face it, you have to think well beyond the Christmas tree when decorating your home for the silly season. You know that, I know that, and so we have to team with the theme and deck the entire house out. 

Before we go any further I have to ask: have you entered this month’s giveaway here to win a $500 Christmas Cart voucher? If not, click over and give it a go now, and then come back and check out all of the delicious Christmas decorating ideas I have for you below. These festive finds are all from your (and my) fave retailers too. I’ve got goodies from Lorraine Lea, BIG W, Target, Kmart, Adairs, Provincial Home Living, Bed Bath N Table and more.

The even better part is that I’ve broken these table-friendly Christmas decorating ideas up into six themes. It’ll make it easier for you to pick the right decor to work with the vibe you’re rocking this year. Each theme mixes lots of different retailers together as well, because you know me; much like when furnishing your home, I always think the best looks come from an array of suppliers (not just one).

Let’s get into all the affordable Christmas decorating ideas for tables, sideboards and mantles below. And as always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments at the end of the post. In particular, I’d love to know what theme you’re rocking this year. I’m a Scandi vibe with a little luxe included. And that’s the other thing: you can blend themes as long as there’s cohesion there. PS the delicious Christmas photo above comes courtesy of my mates at Metricon.

luxe gold and white christmas decorations for tabletops and trees

Shop the Luxe Christmas Decorating Ideas

I thought it best I kick off the list of Christmas decorating ideas with the most luxurious look of all. Who doesn’t love a pop of gold against a crisp white backdrop? There’s loads of ideas in the mood board above; some for dining tables, some for consoles, and even things you can eat and drink from. I’ll share some style tips at the end of this list too because thinking outside the box can really pay off when it comes to Chrissy decorating.

1. Sparkle Christmas 4-Bowl Set

2. Dried Berry Branch Wreath

3. Christmas Star with 50 Micro Lights

4. Large Gold Christmas Nutcracker Statue

5. Glimmer Reindeer 3-Part Serving Bowl

6. Round Sequins Gold Bauble

7. Gold Tree Paper Napkins

8. Small Gold Glitter Tree Ornament

9. Brushed Gold 24-Piece Cutlery Set

10. Sparkle 2-Pack of Champagne Glasses

11. Christmas Eternal Snow Tabletop Tree

12. Champagne Cone LED Tree Lights

13. Porcelain Star Decoration

14. Wooden Scale Glitter Decoration

15. Sparkle Tree Stand

16. Glass Tealight Holder with Gold Stars

Christmas Decorating Tip for Dining Tables

A lot of stuff you’d traditionally put on a tree or somewhere else in the home can work wonders on a dining table. For example, all of the wreaths in this festive roundup could be taken off the front door and popped in the middle of your dining table instead (or you could buy two and keep one on the door!).

You could then pop a tall battery-operated LED Christmas tree in the middle of the wreath (there’s a gorgeous one above) to create a focal point in the centre of the table. Scattering Christmas crackers and baubles down the centre of your table is another really effective way to make it feel festive.

traditional red white and green christmas decorations for tables and tree

Shop the Traditional Christmas Decorating Ideas

The Christmas decorating theme I had in my home when I first moved out of Mum and Dad’s place all those years ago was a traditional one. My festive look has evolved over time, but I have to admit that I always find something quite emotive and reminiscent about the classic red-green-white colour palette. It’s also the palette I grew up with, and it really does scream ‘Christmas’. It brings back loads of good memories for me. And hopefully for you too!

17. Red Jingle Bon Bon 6-Pack

18. Santa Wine Glass

19. Round Wreath Coaster

20. Christmas Nutcracker Ornament

21. Set of 3 Wooden Nutcracker Set

22. Premium Christmas Santa Stocking

23. Red Origami Paper Christmas Tree Decoration

24. Timeless Wreath Ornament

25. Green Tree Bowls – Set of 4

26. Green Highball Glasses

27. Red Christmas Car Ornament

28. Pop-Up Christmas Trees with LED Lights

29. Red and White Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

30. Extra Large Traditional Santa Figurine

31. 3-Pack of Christmas Star Bowls

32. Dachshunds Christmas Mug

33. Red Sequin Stocking Decoration

34. Round Black, White & Red ‘Xmas’ Bauble

35. Merry & Bright Christmas Cushion

Christmas Decorating Tip for Sideboards

A buffet or sideboard that’s near your dining table should really display a consistent theme. But the beauty of the sideboard is that you can display larger, taller decorative moments that are just too intrusive on a dining table top. It’s always good to have one large moment in the middle of the buffet (the green LED trees above are a nice idea), and then stage one smaller moment on each side of the middle arrangement.

Just make sure you leave some vacant space on the top of the buffet to serve food from if you intend to use it in this way.

scandinavian christmas decorations timber white and green christmas decor

Shop the Scandi Christmas Decorating Ideas

Ah, my fave Christmas decorating theme of all is here: the Scandi theme. There’s something so charming about this look, don’t you think? I got on board with this one the last few years and am loving it. I like the inclusion of timber because it’s a traditional element you can add in over time. For example, we holidayed in Europe in 2019 and brought back some darling little timber ornaments from a shop in Prague. I love a tree with memories, don’t you?

36. 60cm Lambs Ear Christmas Wreath

37. Brown Paper Origami Christmas Decoration

38. Standing Reindeer Statue

39. Wooden Reindeer with LED Nose

40. Hessian with White Cuff Stocking

41. Timber Natural Snowflake Ornament

42. Brown & White Paper Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

43. Merry Christmas Glass Candle

44. Silent Night Christmas Decoration

45. Small Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament

46. White Star Christmas Wreath

47. Grey Woollen Dear Ornament

48. Felt Reindeer Gift Bag

49. LED Glass Dome with Tree & Reindeer

50. Small Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

51. Wooden Festive House Scene Ornament

Christmas Decorating Tip for Neutral Palettes

I know this Scandi theme isn’t for everyone. A lot of people find that the neutrals don’t feel festive enough. I guess I can see where they’re coming from, but can I add that you can pop colour into this look to channel the Scandi vibe, but make it a tad brighter? Red would be a good addition to this scheme. In fact, I’ve styled a lovely Scandi Christmas theme with red in it here if you want to take a look. It’s the best of both worlds I reckon.

blue and silver frozen christmas decoration for tables and trees

Shop the Blue & Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas

Lots of table-friendly finds in this one, but of course you can go well beyond that and onto mantles and sideboards too. Now this colour palette might remind you of the movie Frozen (is the song stuck in your head now?) but can I just say I was rocking it well before the film came out. I moved onto this theme after the traditional one and before my most-recent switch to Scandi, and I can attest to how glorious it can look across the home.

52. 25cm Jingle Bell Silver Wreath

53. Grey Felted Reindeer Ornament

54. Blue Personalised Stocking with Pom Poms

55. Silver Light-up Glitter Christmas Tree

56. Navy Blue Matt Glass Christmas Decoration

57. Round Aqua Christmas Bauble

58. Turquoise Origami Paper Decoration

59. Tin Silver Mini Christmas Tree

60. Flock Reindeer Ornaments

61. Blue 24-Piece Cutlery Set

62. Navy Blue Glass Tumbler

63. Silver Jingle Wrapping Paper

64. Blue Glass Hanging Hurricane Lantern

65. Aqua Jingle Bon Bon 6-Pack

66. Christmas Ribbon 3-Pack

67. Silver and White Snowflake Ornament

68. 27cm Stoneware Blue Plate

69. Blue Acrylic Wine Glass

Christmas Decorating Tip for Console Tables

Never underestimate the power of a cluster of baubles. People get stuck in the idea that baubles are just for Christmas trees but they’re for so much more. On a console table for example, you could fill a glass dome with a collection of baubles and have it sit proudly to welcome guests in your entryway. A simple glass bowl/vase/vessel would work just as well. I like to think this gives visitors a hint of what’s to come in your home once they walk through and hit your living room where the tree it.

feminine pink and white christmas decorations for tables and trees

Shop the Feminine Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you love these feminine Christmas decorating ideas for tables, sideboards and more, they’re just a click away from snapping them all up. This is a glorious look full of charm and whimsy. I’ve called it feminine but honestly let’s not get caught up on labels. I reckon any and all genders can and should rock this one. It feels elegant and playful at the same time, so dive right in and make the most of it.

70. Wooden Merry Christmas Sign

71. Christmas Blush Bauble Wreath

72. Prosecco Fix Bauble Candle

73. Prosecco Fix Candle in Glass Jar

74. Jewelled Hedgehog Ornament

75. LED Christmas Tree with Glitter Beads

76. Blush Sequin Star Ornament

77. Gold Round Galaxy Bauble

78. Wooden Santa in Buggy Advent Calendar

79. Gold & Blush Christmas Bob Bons Pack

80. Pink Jingle Wrapping Paper

81. Blush Bird in Cage Ornament

82. Pink Sparkle Bristle Tree with Lights

83. Glitz Reindeer Statue

84. Metal Santa in Sleigh with Tree Decoration

85. Glass Ombre Tealight Holder

86. 35cm Christmas Angels

Christmas Decorating Tip for Coffee Tables

I don’t suggest you move every single thing off your coffee table and make it a festive moment (well, you can, but I know some people find that a bit much). What you can do instead is keep all your existing pieces on except one, like an ornament on top of a stack of books.

If you just replace that one ornament with a festive decoration it can be enough to make the setting feel festively connected to your tree. You could also wrap a stack of coffee table books in ribbon. Just saying 😉

australian theme christmas decoating ideas for tables sideboards mantles

Shop the Australiana Christmas Decorating Ideas

There are so many gorgeous goodies in this mood board and they feel so rustic yet refined. I love that this aesthetic is gaining momentum locally. I put it down to the recent (and very popular) Australiana interior design trend. It’s a glorious look, and the Christmas version of it is just as divine. If you have a rustic or Scandi vibe at your place at the moment, you’d only need a few of the products above to make it an Aussie Chrissy theme.

87. Tinsel Tree Hook

88. Kangaroo and Koala Plush Toys

89. Native Eucalyptus Wreath

90. Koala Festive Paper Napkins

91. Flowering Gum Cup and Saucer Set

92. Avocado with Hat Decoration

93. Alpine Wooden Tree Ornament

94. Silver and White Jingle Paper Placemat    

95. Green Origami Paper Christmas Tree

96. White Christmas Hanging Bells

97. White Metal Tabletop Christmas Lantern

98. Metal Star Tree Topper

99. Natural Hanging Pine Cone Trio

100. Wooden Christmas LED Advent Calendar 

101. Christmas Tea Towel

Christmas Decorating Tip to Save Money

Christmas is expensive, I get it. That’s why I don’t recommend you run out and buy an entire dinner set of Christmas themed plates, cups, tablecloths, runners, glassware (the list goes on!). Honestly, use your existing dinnerware but elevate it in a small way. For example, with place settings at the dinner table, you could wrap your existing cutlery with twine or ribbon, and adorn it with a mini bauble. It’s cheap but it’s effective!

brown paper christmas crackers on dining table with florals
Via OZ Design

Over to you, Gang!

I hope you found these Christmas decorating ideas for tables, consoles and mantles helpful. Now it’s over to you. I’d love to know what theme above is your fave, and which one you’re rocking at your place this year. Also, feel free to share any nifty Christmas decorating hacks you do at home to make the scenes in your space feel festively elevated.

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2020.


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Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Love your ideas for Christmas decorating Chris. I find it hard to nail it down to one style. Whatever the style it’s joyful and I look forward every year to transforming our home into the spirit of Christmas.

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