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plant display ideas from ivy muse

12 Fresh Indoor Plant Styling Ideas for Your Home

Now, just because I can’t keep a plant alive to save myself doesn’t mean I can’t share some phenomenal indoor plant styling ideas with you. And boy are the fresh concepts in this post all sorts of mind-blowing.

I really shouldn’t say I can’t keep any plant alive. My fiddle leaf fig is blooming right now, and it’s near impossible to keep out of death’s evil clutches.

Truth be told though, it’s only going strong because my partner told me to keep away from it. You can actually see that the bottom leaves where I looked after it are brown and half rotted, and then there’s this gorgeous array of greenery up top; a reflection of when my partner took over.

So if you wanna know my tips and tricks to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive, this post has you covered. Trust me, we tried everything and finally figured it out!

But anyway, back to my amazing indoor plant styling ideas. I’ve got 12 for you below from some of your fave brands. And added bonus: a few are from some untapped and undiscovered creative types online. Because supporting small business is what? Absolutely necessary!

So let’s take a look at some fresh plant styling inspo below, and find out where you can shop each look.

ikea gradvis vases plant display ideas

1. This Dreamy Scenario from IKEA

Hold the phones. Alert the presses. IKEA has just upped its indoor plant styling game by presenting its fab new Gradvis collection. Full of plant pots in milky white and cheerful blush tones, these beauties are an absolute must-have. And would you get a load of the vertical detail that covers the entire outer surface? I’m sold.

Explore more from the Gradvis collection here.

lagoon timber plant stand and magazine rack

2. A Bit of International Flair Please

Indoor plant styling ideas don’t get better than this sexy beast from Lagoon. This British brand is run by wife and husband team, Kheira Benchekor and Edmund Eldergill. And good Lord is all of the stock in this online emporium a stunner. I love this Hubsch book holder and planter. What a combo of functionality and form!

See more of the Hubsch planter here.

lorraine lea astrid hanging plant pots

3. Hanging with Lorraine Lea

I make no secret of my glorious relationship with local bedding and homewares biz, Lorraine Lea. I love all of their stylish pieces, but these Astrid hanging plant pots are kinda a fave. Available in blush pink and white, you can hang these beauties just about anywhere and take your indoor plant styling ideas off of the floor and onto the ceiling. Now if only I can find a fake plant to put in one 😉

Check out more of the Astrid hanging plant pots here.

capra designs terracotta plant pots in sage green and blush | TLC Interiors

4. Hello Newness from Capra Designs

Be still my beating heart. The very on-trend terracotta, nude and green colour story is one thing, but then you have the stunning designs to take in as well. Almost too dreamy for words, don’t you think? I love the look of these minimal yet interesting circular plant pots. Such a nice opportunity to purchase a few and cluster them together in a gorgeous green vignette.

See more of the Back to Nature collection here.

80s style plant pot display ideas from kailochic

5. You’ll Die over this Brand

Don’t say I didn’t warn you OK? When it comes to indoor plant styling ideas with serious charm, you can’t go past my just-discovered fave new brand, Kailochic. Run out of Texas my creator Kara Whitten, these adorable designs are available locally through Etsy and there are so many to choose from. I suggest you click the link below and have your credit card details ready.

Check out all the plants from Kailochic here.

plant display ideas from ivy muse

6. Ivy Muse are up to their Old Tricks

Old, glorious, and OMG-I-need-everything-immediately kinda tricks. The Lucid Fields range contains so many new plant styling pots and hangers you’re going to be hard-pressed not to buy the lot in one fell swoop. Get a load of that Unity Wall Planter on the right side of the shot above. I am beating ferociously for that one in particular.

See more of the Lucid Fields range here.

Melbourne table co nancy plant pot plant display ideas

7. All Kinds of Chic from Miss Nancy

Designed by Joe Chester for the Melbourne Table Company, this awesome Nancy plant pot is mid-Century design reimagined. This beauty can live indoors or out, which makes it a divine little all-rounder. As I said at the start of this post, it’s great to support local makers, so get on this one and show them the money!

Explore more of the Nancy plant pot here.

kmart plant pots in burgundy and blush

8. Bargain Alert: Two Pots for Seven Bucks!

I mean come on: shut up and take my money Kmart! It’s a bit hard to fight off an indoor plant styling idea like this one – especially when they’re also in trending colours like burgundy and blush. What’s more, they’re for indoor and outdoor use and they’re made from glossy ceramic. I want and need them in my life.

Check out more of the Mali pots here.

target white ceramic plant pot

9. Target’s Getting in on the Action Too

Not one to be left out of the designer-goodies-for-less category, Target also has this little ripper available in-store and online. This ribbed ceramic pot features a stunning fleck throughout its chalky white foundation, making it an eye-catching design. And did I mention it’s only $12? Go forth and purchase!

Explore more of the ribbed ceramic pot here.

marimekko green plant vase plant display ideas

10. Marry Me Marimekko?

I would like to call Richard Mercer and request a love song dedication to this stunning green vase by Marimekko. Available via one of my fave local stores, Hunting for George, this glossy lady is also available in pink. Though I kinda have my heart set on green and have fully committed myself to it without even having met it in person. Not creepy at all.

See more of the Marimmeko flower vase here.

terrazzo plant pot from miss pots pouches

11. I Knew I Would Change my Mind about Terrazzo

Have you been keeping up with my constant bashing of Terrazzo via my recaps of The Block? I was sure I’d see something that would change my mind about Terrazzo eventually, and here it is: this beautiful planter from Miss Pots Pouches. I love love love the subtle flecks of colour in this pattern, and I love how wonderfully it plays with an array of other colours in the home.

Check out more of the Terrazzo plant pouch here.

stix and flora raindrop plant display shelf

12. Let’s Not Forget about Stix and Flora

I met this lovely duo a few years back and showcased their stunning designs on the blog (read the interview here). The mother and daughter team continue to change the game when it comes to unique indoor plant styling ideas. So I highly recommend you hit the link below and give them a little look.

Explore more of the teardrop wooden vase here.

plant styling ideas indoor pot display ideas

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Drop me a comment below if there’s a brand you know that’s doing amazing things in this space. I’d love to know about it. Happy styling!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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