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Macrame wall hanging on TLC Interiors Blog

Getting it Right: How to Rock Boho Decor without the nod to Nanna

Boho decor has such a gorgeous, handmade element to it, but injecting the right amount into your home can be tricky. To ensure you rock the crafty nature of the bohemian aesthetic without veering too far into nanna territory, TLC has these tips to share.

long vertical white macrame wall hanging and lush green plant in pot with bright blue pot stand

Last month I reported on the number one interiors trend for 2016; The New Eclectic. You guys seemed to love it, and with good reason; it really allows you to rock handmade items, mementos and things that truly mean something to you.

Boho decor is definitely a part of this trend, along with mid-Century and global furniture influences. But we all know that the craftiness of bohemian homewares can make a room look like nanna’s house really quickly, so craft consultant Judy Newman is here to guide us on how to get it right.

The biggest takeaway here is that it’s all about choosing a few key pieces only, getting hands on with crafting, and really ensuring you approach the design with restraint.

How to Rock Boho Decor without the nod to Nanna

Boho rug kilim rug Boho Decorating ideas on TLC Interiors

Choose the right type of Rug

Judy rightfully points out that a rug is a great place to start to rock the boho vibe successfully.

“Keep your floor simple and add playful decadence via a statement felt rug, which will empower rather than overwhelm your space,” she explains. “Rugs are now available in a range of virgin wools, bamboo, viscose and felt in a poppy colour combination of fairy floss to monochrome, cotton to hemp”.

Bohemian rug on wall Boho decorating ideas on TLC Interiors

Create one Feature Moment

A signature feature in your space, Judy says, will help frame the room and create some interest and depth to an otherwise dull setting.

“Drape a wall with soft silk or staple vintage fabric around a stretched canvas to create inexpensive wall art that can be treasured for years to come,” she says. “Or select a four poster bed and dress it with delicate materials that have a strong decadence without requiring ‘further fluff’.”

There’s also been a huge trend of late, which involves hanging rugs on walls, which I think is amazing!

coloured crochet tablecloth doily ideas on TLC Interiors

Get crafty with soft Furnishings

Crochet table cloths have definitely hooked their way back in to style this season, Judy tells me.

“The decadent lacy texture means that you can peel away the accessories and make the table the focal point of attraction”.

To get the look right, Judy recommends selecting a crochet table cloth with colours that are complimentary and don’t compete with your existing décor.

Macrame curtain Bohemian interior design ideas on TLC Interiors

Bring in the beadwork

Nothing says boho or gives more of a nod to that retro aesthetic more than beadwork, Judy advises.

“Channel your 70’s decorator and decorate with beaded curtains, which will add a vintage-vibe. They’ll also create the illusion of space and help to separate each room”.

This is a great alternative to a door if you’re in a smaller space and don’t want to close everything off. I also love the idea of using beading and weaves as window treatments, like in the shot above.

Jute Rug on Wall with wooden pendant lights Boho Bedroom on TLC Interiors

Rock some tapestry

“Visit your inner retro renaissance by simply adding a hand woven tapestry wall hanging – so on trend,” Judy says.

I’m actually so on board with the tapestry advice, and there are so many awesome makers producing weaves and tapestries of late. The macrame planter trend is still around too, so you could very well bring in some of those also.

Want to upskill your craftiness?

Are you rocking the handmade trend? Find one-off vintage textiles, buy up beads, fabrics (learn to print your own designs!), source supplies for crafty creations, and weave your own wall hangings at the upcoming Stitches & Craft Show, at Rosehill Racecourse, March 3 to 6.

Are you a fan of Boho decor and crating things in this style to rock at home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below on how you do Boho at your place.

 Image Credits: 1 via Cad interiors, 2 and 5 via Pinterest, 3 via eBay, 4 via A Subtle Revelry, 6 via Anthology Home Garden 


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