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black marble herringbone tile in luxe bathroom with gold tapware

Luxe Bathroom Ideas: How to Achieve a High-End Look

Aren’t show homes the best thing ever invented? Even if you’re not in the market to buy a house you need to go visit them. It’s one of my fave pastimes, and I’ve been through loads of them. They’re the best place to steal ideas get inspo from for your own home 😉

Case in point: the luxe bathroom ideas I’m going to share with you today.

As you may have guessed already, the dreamy bathroom in question is from my friends at Metricon. It’s in the Hampshire 45 display which you can see here in Melbourne if you’re keen. But for those of you who are too far away to scope out the joint in-person, you’re in for a treat; I’m going to take you on a virtual tour.

Not only do I have awesome photos and style tips for you in this post, but I hosted a video above that you can check out too. In it, I chat with Metricon’s Vanessa Barasic and Reece’s Carmen Sederino. And they share how you can easily pull off these luxe bathroom ideas at your place. Let’s do this!

black luxe bathroom ideas marble herringbone tiles and floating bathroom vanity

Begin by Channelling a Sense of Grandeur

Pulling all of your luxe bathroom ideas together into one scheme can be tricky. But I’m going to give you some guidance. It’s really all about working through a process, so this is where we start.

You gotta consider the vibe and mood you want for the room first. That’s the starting point for any room, actually. But if you’re trying to pull off a specific look (as we are here) you gotta carefully consider the feeling you want to evoke.

A luxe bathroom has a sense of grandeur to it, first and foremost. So we start with building on that feeling and thinking about how to bring that to life. What grandeur means to you might be different to what it means to someone else. But we can agree on this, I’m sure: a luxury bathroom tends to feel spacious.

That’s not to say you can’t pull off a luxe look in a small space, but it’s far easier to achieve when pieces have room to breathe. We’re also talking about a black bathroom here, and that can feel more overwhelming when you’re working within a small footprint.

luxe bathroom with black marble herringbone tiles and floating vanity

The Luxe Bathroom Ideas Checklist

Of course, there are other things that give a bathroom a luxurious feel. When you’re mood boarding your bathroom and considering what to include, try and fit in the following:

  • A floating vanity attached to the wall – it screams ‘high-end’
  • A freestanding tub with a statement piece of tapware included
  • Side-by-side sinks are a must and feel rather indulgent
  • A show-stopping feature tile used en masse evokes glamour
  • A darker base palette punctuated with bright metallic moments
  • A window treatment that adds softness and serenity is nice too

Once you have your luxe bathroom ideas listed out like this, it makes shopping for the room easier. And from there you can begin working on some of the other important design elements.

Below I’ll walk you through colour consideration, being brave with your tile choices and of course – where you can save some of your heard-earned dollars!

black marble herringbone tile in luxe bathroom with gold tapware

Be Careful with your Colour Palette

You’re probably seeing loads of different luxe bathroom ideas, and might be feeling overwhelmed by all the options. But let me give you a hot tip on the colour palette: black is the way to go. A white bathroom feels crisp and clean, sure. But it’s way harder to make it feel luxe. When you lock in black as the main colour in the room, you instantly get a moody, high-end vibe.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s some other colours in this bathroom. Brown timber tones bring warmth to the space, which is super important. And then we have a good dose of white. It’s crucial you introduce white through pieces like the bath tub and flooring. It brings balance to the room and actually allows the black to pop more.

Let black be the dominant colour though. Don’t try and have equal amounts of black and white. It’ll look quite odd. Instead, go with a 70/30 split, with black being the main player.

Lastly, you’ll see some glorious metallic moments in pieces like tapware and decor, which are key. They bring a contemporary feel and go a long way in making the bathroom feel luxurious.

luxe bathroom with black marble herringbone tiles and freestanding bath

Be Brave with Tile Choices and Application

When it comes to executing your luxe bathroom ideas, tile choice is crucial. And I have to ask, beg and plead with you to opt for a bold option rather than playing it safe.

Fortune really does favour the brave when it comes to interior design. It’s true in any room, but the bathroom especially. Every room needs a focal point, and your bathroom is no different. Now, that focal point can be a number of design elements, but tiles are the easiest way to do it in a bathroom, ensuite or kitchen. In other rooms, art or rugs are often the focal point, but we can’t do that here – so let tiles be the art.

Here, the stunning black marble tile is the star of the show, and it’s been used across most (but not all) walls. It’s what makes the space so luxurious, and the patterned effect is so visually striking.

luxe bathroom ideas black tile bathroom with gold accents

Invest in Tiles, and Save Somewhere else!

When you walk into a bathroom and see a small feature wall of tiles (or worse – a thin strip of them somewhere) it conveys one of two things to me:

  1. You ran out of money, or didn’t have enough, to use the tile across most of the room
  2. You didn’t have the guts to commit to applying the tile en masse in the space

Both of these are a shame, but the second one is the worst by far. I really believe that investing in tiles is a good idea if you want to pull of a luxe bathroom look. As I said above, it’s the art in the space. And tiles like this won’t date, I promise you.

There are other areas you can save some cash (listed below) but tiles are not one of them. Invest money here, and apply them across the space with confidence. You’ll thank yourself for it in the long-run!

If you need some additional tile inspo for your bathroom, this post has you covered.

luxe bathroom with black marble herringbone tiles and copper tapware

Where you can Save Some Cash

OK, so you’ve poured a lot of money into your tiles. I salute you! Now, I’ll give you some luxe bathroom ideas that don’t cost a lot. Because life is all about balance right?

You can’t go nuts with your cash all the time, can you? If you do like to go nuts with cash all the time though, call me and I’ll help you transform your home 😉

Here are a few things you can buy on-the-cheap for a luxe bathroom like this one:

    • Don’t go crazy on the vanity itself. The tiles are doing the work here, so save on the vanity
    • Tapware shouldn’t cost a bomb either, but do look to an affordable metallic option
    • Notice the mirror. It’s just one thin long plain – no need to go elaborate or expensive!
    • Sheer curtains can be picked up for a steal from places like Spotlight, Freedom or IKEA
    • Finishing touches; get them at Kmart or get some fake plants from these retailers

I hope these luxe bathroom ideas have given you some food for thought. If you want to see more of Metricon’s Black Label Lookbook theme, which this bathroom comes from, click here.

And please do drop me a comment below and lemme know what you thought of the luxe bathroom ideas in this post. I always love to get your thoughts!

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission.  © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.


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