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House Rules 2015 - Bronik and Corrine House Reveal - Dining Room

House Rules 2015: Inside Team VIC’s Stunning Whole House Reveal

House Rules 2015 Bronik and Corrine Whole House Reveal - Kitchen

House Rules 2015 got off to a great start with its first whole house reveal last night.

I have to say, looking at the styled shots of Bronik and Corrine’s Victorian home, I’m so freaking impressed with what the five teams did in such a brief amount of time. There was no shortage of drama throughout the week, of course, but the end result is pretty stunning and I’d happily live here ASAP if not sooner.

Let’s take a look at some of the rooms, because the scores that got dished out surprised me a little.

Above, Ben and Danielle created a pretty divine kitchen. I adore the splashback tiles and thought the different pendant lights above the benchtop really tapped into the hipster vibe Bronik and Corrine were hoping for (PS: I did a post on hipster homes a while ago. Do you live in one?).

House Rules 2015 - Bronik and Corrine House Reveal - Dining Room

Above, Steve and Tiana created a gorgeous dining space. I love the idea of placing different coloured chairs around the table. It makes the space feel young and fresh; I always adore a room with a sense of fun and playfulness. Though Bronik and Corrine hated them, which was a bit unexpected.

Below, I found it a little odd that Karina and Brian came out on the top of the leader board. The living room was a bit of a letdown in my opinion. There were some nice ideas here but it felt a bit dated. I also thought the graffiti wall and TV on one side of the space made it feel uneven. The placement of those photos also felt a bit 2006.

House Rules 2015 - Bronk and Corrine Whole House Reveal House Rules 2015 - Bronik and Corrine Whole House Reveal - Bedroom

The bedrooms were by far my fave spaces. The master above, created by Ryan and Marlee, gave a generous nod to all things industrial but the pair prevented it from feeling too rustic and weighed-down by bringing in bright and contemporary bedding. Though the pillow arrangement here is a little slap-happy and I don’t see side tables.

Below, my fave room of the lot. The guest bedroom deserved to come out on top this week. Cassie and Matt created a killer paint effect on the walls in this room and I can’t get enough of it. This look reminds me of a photo shoot I saw in Inside Out mag a little while ago – and I adore it. Granted, that plastic stool as a bedside table is not an ideal solution, but that effect on the wall more than makes up for it.

House Rules 2015 - Bronik and Corrine Whole House Reveal - Guest Bedroom

Below is a look at the leaderboard after week one. I’ll be interested to see how things stand as this next week unravels.

>>> What are your thoughts on last night’s House Rules reveal? Drop me a comment below and let me know your fave space and why 🙂

House Rules 2015 - Week One Leaderboard


Chris Carroll

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Chris, this is only just being played in NZ but I’m desperate to know who the artist is who created the mesh/cotton art works in the dining area. Corinne didn’t like it but I do! Do you have any idea? Google isn’t helping much.

  2. Hi Chris, where did Karina and Brian get the graffiti art work from or who is the artist, please. Cheers

  3. Hi Chris! Do you know where I can get a pendant like the one in the dining? I’ve seen it somewhere but I can’t remember. Thanks.

  4. I loved the kitchen / dining room and the guest bedroom but I wasn’t too keen on the rest of the house

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