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the block 2018 ensuites hand and courtney terrazzo bathroom tiles

Inside The Block 2018 Ensuites Reveal, plus Win a Block Shop Voucher

The Block 2018 ensuites have been unveiled, decorating junkies, and now we must critique them. Well, I’m going to anyway – and I encourage you to get involved. Because there were some moments this week I just have to vent about, and I reckon you probably feel the same way.

In life you gotta take a stand sometimes. You know, fight against injustice. Say no to terrible crimes. And speak out against harrowing atrocities. So in the interest of rallying together to fight this war, chant it with me: SAY NO TO TERRAZZO!

I simply cannot with terrazzo. It wasn’t cute originally, and it’s not cute now. It is the design equivalent of Snooki and Jwow (and everyone else on Jersey Shore): it was unsightly years ago, and its comeback is even more off-putting. This season someone is determined to make terrazzo a thing, and to that person I say: please stop.

Before we jump into critiquing each room, don’t forget that at the bottom of this post I will be announcing the winner of last week’s Block Shop giveaway. And giving you the chance to WIN another $100 voucher.

Inside The Block 2018 Ensuites Reveal

the block 2018 ensuites hans and courtney bathroom with terrazzo tiles the block 2018 ensuites hans and courtney terrazzo bathroom floor

Hans and Courtney did not say No to Terrazzo

I’m pretty sure you already know my feelings on this space given that I hate terrazzo. And given that so much of this ensuite is covered in it, we’re not off to a good start.

The thing is, the white terrazzo in their master bathroom I could almost handle, but this darker version is a no-go. It reminds me of contact my mum used to cover my exercise books in when I was in primary school. The floor just needs a sticker put on it that reads “this book belongs to – ” and my year 2 flashback will be complete.

The terrazzo is even in the recesses and behind the bath. I guess you gotta give it to Hans and Courtney, they certainly committed to the material. And with that, I have to try and put my hatred for terrazzo aside for a moment to examine the other elements of this ensuite.

I do like the layout and floor plan. I like that the freestanding tub is the star moment in the space. I love that there’s a crisp and clean colour palette at play. And I do enjoy the plantation shutters. I’m also smitten with the indoor plant pots, and adore the wooden stool near the bath. Every bathroom needs a mini stool by the bath, don’t you think?

All in all though, I feel this room is a little understated and boring. If you took out that terrazzo (which I would do immediately) you don’t have much going on in here.

the block 2018 ensuites norm and jess bathroom with marble feature wall the block 2018 ensuites norm and jess marble bathroom wall

Norm and Jess said Yes to Marble

Norm and Jess had a smaller footprint to work with here, relatively speaking. I mean, this is an ensuite that’s still larger than most main bathrooms across the country. But for The Block, it was the smaller of the five.

Being a small room, I would have liked this ensuite to feel dark and moody. Instead, they went all out to make it feel light and bright. Not what I would have done with the design, and it doesn’t speak to the style of their main bathroom either (see what it looked like here).

It’s a bit of an odd choice really, to have the ensuite not resemble the look and feel of the master. Some continuity would have been good, don’t you think? Especially considering their master bathroom felt quite raw and organic. This ensuite is worlds apart from it in look and feel, and I’m not keen on that contrast.

The choice of marble is a fail for me. Sorry guys. It’s just far too intense. The marble vein is too dark, and there’s too much of it. To then take that marble and add it into the recess and the vanity top feels far too overwhelming in such a tight room.

To add insult to injury, the timber used in the cabinetry feels out of place against the marble and the vibe it’s creating. I’d have gone with black cabinetry to allow the marble to take centre stage. As it stands there are too many things fighting for your attention. Kinda like when the kids are in the swimming pool doing handstands and wanting you to watch (PS you always look away once they go underwater).

What I will say though, is that the black toilet paper is kinda everything and I need some in my life right now. Sometimes it’s the little things, isn’t it?

the block 2018 ensuites kerrie and spence bathroom with marble herringbone tile the block 2018 ensuites kerrie and spence bathroom with marble tile

Kerri and Spence Delivered the Goods

There will never be a time in my life where I won’t flood my basement over marble herringbone tiles. In fact, I’m in the midst of trying to convince one of my clients to let me install them in her kitchen. Trust me, they are hot now and they’ll be just as divine in 20 years. They are the Cher of tiles; they just don’t date.

This bathroom was by far the best of the bunch. It felt chic and sophisticated. It had a focal point. It didn’t overwhelm the eye. They pulled back when they needed to in terms of material choices and placement. And they didn’t stuff it with too many bells and whistles on the decorative front either.

It not only looks phenomenal (adore those shutters), but it addresses functionality in a clever way too. Plenty of storage space in the vanity so everything is within easy reach. A basin each for whoever is lucky enough to live in this home. And those freakin’ mind-blowing mirrors. Shut up and take my money – I need them immediately!

The one thing I will say that didn’t work for me was the gap they left at the end of the vanity. They did it in the other bathroom as well. With that basket stuffed in the hole. It doesn’t work for me. I’d have preferred it taken all the way to the wall. As it is, it looks a bit unfinished.

My OCD is also flaring up over the fact that one section of wall above the vanity is wider than the other, but that’s an issue I need to workshop on my own through some journaling and meditation.

the block 2018 ensuites hayden and sara dark bathroom with round mirror the block 2018 ensuites hayden and sara bathroom with brass bath

Sara and Hayden, we need to Talk

There’s no way to say it nicely: that bath is a wart on an otherwise beautiful hand. Lance it immediately and we can move forward with praising the rest of this ensuite.

I guess it all comes down to personal taste at the end of the day, doesn’t it? But considering this is my blog, I’m going to declare this tub an eyesore. I don’t like what it’s doing to this room, and I’m not sure I see it working in many bathrooms. If you’d like to fork out $7500 on it and have it in your own space, you can shop it here. Please take a photo of it once you install it in your room and send it to me though. I’d love to be proven wrong (it happens occasionally!).

It’s such a shame, because with that bath gone I think this ensuite is beautiful. I like it more than Kerrie and Spence’s space. Everyone shies away from embracing dark bathrooms and making a space feel moody and rich. But Sara and Hayden went over to the dark side and I am liiiiiiving for it. I’m officially hot to trot for all of it.

The round black basins: give them to me. The round mirrors: charge them to my account and have them delivered. The recesses in the shower: come here you! And as you’ve probably already predicted when it comes to the floor tiles: cleanup in aisle four!!! I’ve officially soiled myself.

It’s just that bloody bath that’s the fly in the ointment here. I’ve never seen a bath this bad since that salad bowl bath from The Block Glasshouse 2015. And that was quite a shocker.

the block 2018 ensuites bianca and carla bathroom with marble feature wall the block 2018 ensuites bianca and carla floating timber vanity with marble top

Bianca and Carla, I’m Actually Unsure

I’ve gotta admit, I’m more confused about this bathroom than I was about my sexuality at 14. Do I like it, do I not? Am I just going through a phase? Do I find it attractive, or do I long for something else? I’m presenting more questions than answers here but the reality is that I genuinely feel a bit baffled.

Let’s break it down. For starters, they’re rubbing salt in the wound for me with that fiddle leaf fig. Having not been able to keep mine alive, that just plain hurts! Plant aside, I know I like the small bit of marble feature wall. Yes it’s a dark vein but they haven’t used too much of it. So we have a positive there.

That said, I don’t enjoy the two round bollocks on the wall. They feel a bit out of place. A bit random. Maybe if there was room for another set on the other side of the vanity they might feel more at home. But currently, it’s a no deal for me on the feature lighting.

The vanity I do adore. I could stare at it longingly for hours. I would wait by the phone for it to call me and get butterflies when I heard it speak. But (and here’s the but), I don’t like it in this bathroom. It feels out of place. I feel the timber is too warm a tone to work in with what the rest of this bathroom is doing. The mirrored storage above I am keen on however.

Maybe in the comments below you can let me know if this bathroom is as confusing for you, or if you love it or hate it. I am still on the fence. What I’m not on the fence about is the flowers on the vanity. Gorgeous!

the block 2018 ensuites hand and courtney terrazzo bathroom tiles


Every Sunday night I’ll be giving you the chance to win a $100 voucher for The Block Shop. The winner will be announced in next week’s Block recap (right here on the blog), where you can then enter again to win. Repeat each week until the end of the season. How exciting!



Simply pop a comment below telling me what you thought of The Block 2018 ensuites It’s that easy!

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Comments (40)

  • Mel champion

    I loved the winning bathroom…they had me at herringbone!! It’s gorgeous, timeless and so elegant. The other bathrooms had moments of ok…but all I can remember is that bath. Wowsers it was horrendous and so freaking bright and it glowed!!

  • Kim I.S.

    Still giggling over ‘The Cher of Tiles’…that If I Could Turn Back Time outfit cannot be unseen. I too loved Kerrie and Spenny’s ensuite – although those towels remind me of the morning after a big night in The Valley a couple of decades ago…make it stop, I want to go to sleep. Jess and Norm’s bathroom had me feeling a little confused – some of us don’t want to share a shower in a confined space, I mean how am I supposed to shave my legs with someone else’s body parts flinging around willy nilly within that shared metre? Bianca and Carla’s bathroom was not too bad but I strongly dislike the Aldi special buys mirrored cabinet and the moth-catcher light spheres next to the mirrors (are they lights or are they giant feature mentos?) Hans and Courtney’s bathroom flooring did take me back to the 70s – law buildings, with courts, and lots of musty cardboard folder smells, but I loved their bath and sinks. It did strike me however how close the loo was to the bath – nothing screams luxury relaxing bubble bath more than the drifting scent of under-the-rim loo gel in Fragrant Geranium. And then we have Sara and Hayden. Poor old Sara – this is what happens when an entire generation is given a participation medal just for showing up to anything. The bath sadly made me think of Harold with his cheeks inflated banging out Auld Lang Sine on his trombone. The shower screen in the middle of the room might make for a midnight slice and dice incident when one stumbles into the dark bathroom half asleep to do some paperwork – where was Keith with his ‘Doesn’t meet code!’ when that was installed. The winners deserved the win – mammoth efforts on part of all teams!

  • Melissa Jelinic

    I’m with you! Bianca and Carla’s ensuite had me feeling unsure. I just kept looking at it trying to pick out what made me feel so unsettled, and those lights look so odd!

    That brass bath is hideous! I could see it maybe in a bathroom where everything was pretty much black with brass accents, but it just looks extra horrible against the marble. But I wouldn’t touch that bath with a ten foot pole! Even if it was free! I can’t imagine someone spending that sought of money on that when you could have so many other baths!

  • jasmine

    Totally agree. Terrazzo is fugly! Kerrie and Spence deserved the win.

  • Fiona walker

    Loved the winning bathroom – I am a slave for herringbone! Felt a bit sorry for Hayden and sara, don’t think it deserved the lowest score. The floor tiles were divine.
    Rest of the spaces were all a bit meh and seemed a bit all over the shop.

  • Karissa Bosua

    What’s even worse than the bath in Sara & Hayden’s bathroom is the marble tiles behind the bath are totally clashing with the beautiful herringbone floor tiles. It’s hurting my eyeballs!

  • Jamie

    I do love Sara and Hayden’s bathroom, I’m also not so sure about the bath but love the room as a whole. Walking into an ensuite that’s dark and moody would be so relaxing and romantic. Kerri and Spence did an awesome job this week to create such a beautiful bathroom, I’m deffinatly going to take some inspiration from it for my own bathroom renovations

  • Hayden Timms

    I disagree with your comments on the girls’ bathroom. Whilst I loved Kerrie and Spence’s bathroom, it was much of what we have seen before – marble, black and white. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, but the girls’ apartment is just something a bit different. The touch of marble with those white rectangle tiles on the back was beautiful. (Though, I do agree with your comments on those bobble things, what the?!) Hayden and Sara’s apartment was too much, and the bath was awful. Waste of money there. They need to rip it out. I also thought the marble on the wall clashed a little with the marble on the floor. Just my thoughts.

  • Lucy

    Terrazzo reminds me of the public toilets at the Union Theater at Melbourne uni circa 1996. All it needs is a bit of permanentcmaker graffiti and a tampon vending machine next to the sink.

  • Genna Margariti

    The winner was also a winner for me! The cabinetry, the floors… Gah take my money
    I actually really loved the Sara’s bathroom too, I felt thy were unfairly judged! I may have also liked the bath too
    Overall though, Meh! Seen better!

  • Kaiya

    While Spence and Kerrie’s bathroom was beautiful and won’t polarise buyers, I feel like I’ve seen it before. I loved Bianca and Carla’s bathroom, it’s the only one that feels fresh and new and I like that it challenges you just a little bit, it’s edgy. Hayden and Sarah are trying to do new things, but unlike the girls they just don’t have a design eye and can’t mix materials or colours.

  • Emma Parkinson

    I adore the winning bathroom, but loath the uneven mirrors & washing basket cubby. I thought Hayden & Sarah should have come 3rd, I dont like their 3 black walls or the marble tiles behind the bath, perhaps on the floors & the herringbone behind the bath, I love the bath. I agree with you terrazzo comment regarding the dark v light, the light terrazzo I surprisingly liked, the dark is just nasty lol

  • Bekk

    I’d be loving life if I came home to any of these bathrooms, but I feel like the bonus point assisted in the right outcome. I feel like Kerrie and Spence are the dark horses! I can’t wait to see their his and her walk in robes!
    The herringbone and controlled colour palette is divine and timeless. I loved the girls bathroom as well. That vanity would be all you would ever need- no other over the top design features. I’m interested to see what happens next!

  • Leanne Butterworth

    Luxury is all about understated elegance. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this. Loved Kerrie & Spence’s bathroom and also didn’t mind Carla and Bianca’s. Agreed with judges on all the others, they didn’t quite have it….

  • Kerry

    I felt sorry for Sara and Hayden it was so painful to watch and the judges imo were overly harsh but man…she built up that frigging bath all week, you just knew it would end in tears…who designs a multi-million dollar apartment around a tub? (Perhaps there’s a reason why it’s the only one in Australia…) Kerrie and Spence hit the mark for me. Classic but modern in style. Loved the herringbone tile.

  • Katie McGregor

    I liked Bianca and Carla’s the best this week. The vanity is great and I’d love something like that in my house 🙂

  • Elise

    I agree the offset window and unbalanced walls throws off Kerrie and Spencer bathroom a little for me. I prehaps would have had open shelving going down that right-hand side to bring both mirrors back central. I do think that they delivered a beautiful space overall.

    The dark terrazzo in Hans and Courtney’s bathroom lacked the sophistication of the other bathrooms. Though I do like that it tied into their main bathroom unlike norm and Jess’.

  • jo Evans

    I am also obsessed with the cabinet in B&C’s bathroom. I really don’t like marble but that is just subtle enough and I would have it in my bathroom in a heartbeat. I find their bathroom instantly relaxing.

  • jo

    OMG Salad Bowl Bath. I just followed your link. I wonder if it is still in that house

  • lawrence milford

    *takes a big breath* i agree with everything what the judges said. i have mixed feelings about terrazzo the light and dark can be polarising and does resembles public toilets but i came across some amazing ones with bits of green, blue and pink. they could’ve gone with that as a point of difference. in both sara and hayden’s and hans and courtney they’ve should’ve left the ceiling uncompleted so that they can drop it down rather than putting a bulkhead. but i love everything in their room even if its unstated. agree with what you said in regards to the winner. love their bathroom although cabinetry wise they shouldve taken it to the wall with the end as it looks awkward and the whole shutter and mirrors doesnt seem centered. looks like i need to take meditation with you as well. norm and jess since their bathroom is small i do agree with you in terms of making their bathroom dark and moody and the marble veins should be smaller. also for me they take the bench to the wall and take away one of the showerhead and basin. they’ll also helps make the ensuite feel bigger than it really is. i actually like the bath in sara and hayden’s room but the rest of the ensuite doesnt do it justice. the layout all wrong especially seeing the toilet when you walk in. personally the shower should be relocated to the end where the plantation shutters is, the toilet between the shower (relocated) and the bath opposite the vanity. love the basins, taps, mirror and the herribone marble floor but the black tile walls and the big marble wall is what went wrong. marble with smaller veins shouldve been used so that its similar to the flooring and the black walls on two walls (along with marble wall) make me feel like im trapped in the dumpster crusher in star wars during the princess leia rescue. also the shutters does seems out of proportion maybe if it was double in size it may fare better. im with you about the girl’s penthouse its a good ensuite and while there’s nothing to go wow besides the marble about it im hoping its the girls strategy for saving money for big ticket plans for the rest of the apartment

  • Fiona

    I like the winning bathroom, it was the most resolved room of all – elegant and functional. I agree about the funny space on the side, yes the laundry basket fits there but why not do custom cabinetry and have a laundry drawer built in and do it properly? Judging was harsh on Sara & Hayden but she needs help on deciding what her design style is – the bath says French Regency but the black tiles and tapware say contemporary and the marble wall tile says something else – maybe her one-on-one with Shayna could help her hone her style. Agree re the terrazo – that was not pretty in that grey, very utilitarian paired with the white I am not a fan. So many amazing tiles to choose from – why?? So little personality in these bathrooms – decorating to sell does not mean designing bland and boring rooms. We need Lawrence Llewellyn Bown to make a guest appearance and give them all a talking to!

  • I’m with you on the terrazzo and the tub! You have fuelled a love for round mirrors in me, the ones I’ve seen in years past completely put me off, but I think they’re being more creative and inventive with mirrors these days and they just might win me over! I can’t get over the size of some of the ensuites (possibly larger than my house) but I wouldn’t complain if I had one. It’s a shame more didn’t display some continuity with their first bathrooms. Hopefully though some can go back and change the errors later on!

  • Liz

    I don’t think there was really a standout at all this week! I am usually swooning over one or two of them and creating Pinterest boards just in case I ever need the pics! There was something I liked in each one but no complete package – and that bath, ouch- expensive error in judgement!!!

  • Zara

    There was something jarring about every ensuite this week! After sleeping on it I’ve realised they missed the mark on my personal checklist of: harmony between the materials & fixtures, symmetry, and heaps of storage both eye level, niche and drawers.

    Love the blog Chris, you make me lol every singletime And thank you for your correct grammar and punctuation use, it soothes my OCD. ‍♀️

  • Jenna

    I didn’t mind Sara and Hayden’s at all and thought the bath was the let down. The highlight for me, apart from herringbone tiles, was by far the stunning flowers in Bianca and Carla’s ensuite. They’re all I could look at through that reveal and I’m going to work out how I can get me some of those today!!

  • Samantha Dunne

    I didn’t love of them, they all had bad elements and none made me feel like “I want that”!
    I hated Sara and Hayden’s, bath from the moment I saw it, yuck!

  • K&S – I liked their bathroom, it just felt a bit boring and a bit of a white wash for me. The mirrors are brilliant though – they’ve used them in other rooms and I mentioned them last week. They would have looked better recessed slightly, but there may be construction limitations in that regard. I am a massive sucker for the matte black finishes though. And the toilet hidden behind the door is a winner for me in the layout department.
    C&H – look, I’m not a terrazzo fan either. But I completely disagree with you! I love these darker ones, and didn’t really like the lighter ones! I love that it runs up behind the bath, but not a big fan of the continuity in the niche above the vanity. It’s great that the room feels so light and bright, even though it’s not just all white, white, white. I’m so sick of only seeing white in interiors. Again, the toilet was hidden from first view, but behind the (needs to be bigger) vanity this time.
    J&N – I’m going to say it…I hate the marble. Not just here, everywhere. I don’t want marble at the best of times (I am proven wrong sometimes) but the contrast here with the vein is too much. The basins were awesome though, but the accents should have been matte black or something, I didn’t like the silverware tapware, finishes etc. And to be real nit-picky, the power point would have functioned so much better if in the recessed cabinets, not just on the wall.
    H&S – I’m going to sound like such a walking contradiction right now. I don’t like how dark it is (even though I just professed to wanting some mood). I do love the moodiness, but I also want it to be able to be lightened up if the shutters were opened, and I don’t think it would. The sink and mirrors were nice though. It would have functioned a lot better in my opinion if the room was switched. As in, swap the vanity/toilet side of the room with the shower side of the room. That way you’re looking at a massive shower, rather than the toilet, when you first walk in. Obvs hide the toilet behind the vanity tho.
    B&C – the girls took it out for me again. That fiddle. It seems like B&C and C&H are the only ones embracing greenery. And you know how much I love greenery! I’m not a floral type of bloke though. Replace those flowers with a maidenhair fern and I’m smitten! The tiles above the stone, the towel rails, the timber cabinetry and especially the drawer pull were everything! The girls have a knack for not making everything overly feminine and polarising!

  • Kelly-Anne Swan

    Hans and Courtney’s was okay. I’m not a fan of the Terrazzo but it’s not terrible. The shower with open sides irks me like no other! I want to feel warm in the shower not exposed to the cool air. I feel it would be like having a shower at the ocean baths.
    Kerri and Spence….LOVE…my favourite!
    Sara and Hayden – Love the floor and also the fact she tried something different. Though I don’t like it, I like the fact it’s not the same cookie cutter bathroom as everyone seems to do.
    Bianca and Carl – I liked this one as well. I love the marble and the vanity.

  • Danielle

    Please don’t make me say it! Ok I’m gonna have too, and there will be no regrets. Did Sara and Hayden confuse their application for House Rules?
    And I do recall her saying “I’ll just throw all this stuff in (styling accessories) and then take some out! Um, you forgot the bath love.

  • Natashia

    I love the layout and overall features of Hans and Courtney’s bathroom, but would rather the colour palette and tiles of Bianca and Carla’s. The stone they use balanced with the white is just so fresh, and you’ll never get sick of it. I really really don’t like Kerri and Spence’s floor tiles. It looks like the tile Sticks and Wombat used in their ensuite – cheap. Sara and Hayden, if they removed the bath, replaced the back wall tiles with plain white, they could have a much better result. They’re trying so hard to be ‘the best’, the constantly fail. Stop trying to be out there, drop the arrogance, and think of the person who has to buy it. Be realistic.

  • Katja Germano

    I couldn’t figure out why I hated the terrazzo so much and then you pointed it out – it’s an exercise book of my childhood! They should use one and take notes of why NOT to use it again.
    The bathtub of Sara and Hayden seemed like such a waste of resources – I have literally never bought or rented a house based on the bathtub. It’s about the vibe and that bathtub is not a good one…
    I agree with you about Kerri and Spence – I will be joining you in the group meditation you will be leading to combat OCD of all things not balanced and equal.
    I personally loved Bianca and Carla’s bathroom. I love the warmth that the wood gives to an otherwise quite cold room, and the half marble wall seems to flow beautifully with the other bathroom. They complement each other without being too similar.
    Overall, this week was much more encouraging than last week. Bring on the master bedrooms this week!

  • Totally agree with you on the terrazo. My Mum and dad have it in their laundry straight from the 50s – it has a dull yellow background with green flecks through it. The gold bath seems maybe a bit Hollywood retro to the polite me – but I hate it. And I love that vanity too but somehow the rest of the bathroom seems too cold, it probably needed more timber.

  • While there were def some great elements- herringbone in one, beautiful marble in another, divine vanity etc, not one was original. They’re all cookie cutter Pinterest variations on the exact same thing. I know they need to appeal to the masses but there is nothing surprising in any of them. While I don’t hate Sara’s bath, I think the room lacked finesse. Go dark – good effort to be different – but it just didn’t work with too many “look at mooiiii” elements. Mind you, it’s easy for me to say while I sit here scrolling through Pinterest and criticising front the comfort of my sofa- good on them all for having a go. I kind of wish someone really went out on a limb. Wouldn’t it be delicious if someone really went on the wild side?

  • Honestly, I wish someone had used colour (maybe a beautiful painted cabinet?)
    I did love Spence & Kerry bathroom as I found they used the space best. I really disliked Sara & Hayden’s bathroom. Just. Too. Dark.

  • Thank you for speaking out about Terrazzo! I thought I kinda liked it but now Ive seen this dark terrazzo it has turned me right off it especially how it reminds me of grubby public toilets! Hayden and Sara were judged too harshly and felt their pain. Their bathroom could have been tweaked a bit by adding more contrast eg white tiles behind the black vanity and white tiles on the opposite wall Loved the winning bathroom Paired back luxury is what I’m talking about Shut up and take my money with those mirrors and herringbone Except my OCD is killing me with that asymmetrical vanity and window not centred across it then basket shoved under to balance it out??? ‍♀️

  • Ashleigh Knott

    I was a bit torn by Kerry & Spence and Carla & Bianca, both really beautiful and clean. But think Kerry & Spence just pushed past, I’m a sucker for a crisp white bathroom with some contrasting elements. The marble was just right as well, Jess & Norm’s I found the veining a tad too dark and overwhelming (especially covering such large area at times). Did love Bianca & Carla’s towel rail (who wants to fold their towels after every single use?) and marble.

    Would’ve liked someone to have done a pop of colour in one, like a nice blue or green… but spose that can be a bit polarising and difficult to change out for a buyer.

  • KDL & Co

    Honey, correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not terrazzo, it’s porcelain look terrazzo. Two totally different products.

    One is expensive, stunning, timeless Italian crushed marble – takes a week to install due to the weight and skill required to ‘stack’ each layer. When you see it installed you could spend your life looking at it.. I must send you pics of my current project.. it’s beyond beautiful..

    The other (terrazzo ‘look’) – horrifying and should never be confused with the real stuff – also rarely would real terrazzo be 600 x 600 due to its weight. From what I can see 600 x 600 are being used on the block – so my guess it is the cheap $37pm2 terrazzo look from Beaumont and not actual $120pm2 Italian Terrazzo…

    Maybe I’m wrong, if not I look forward to winning the $100

  • Kellie

    I think Kerri and Spence deserved to win. Their bathroom is classy and timeless. I too am a bit disconcerted by the uneven tiles on each side of the vanity. The terrazzo is awful in any colour. I really don’t like the timber vanity in the girls bathroom or the big slab of marble they used as the benchtop. It is just too thick and bulky. I thought Sara and Hayden’s bathroom was actually nice – if the bath had been all black. But she carried on like such a pork chop, I will never like anything they do. Ever. How many times did she say embarrassing? The only embarrassing thing was her behaviour.

  • Hel

    We had chosen Sara and Hayden’s floor tile just the other week for our ensuite! It’s beautiful, and great to see it properly on the floor. The tile behind the bath is awful though. I don’t think it fits in the room at all. The bath was definitely a mistake too.

  • Chris

    Firstly I’d like to start by saying I love the terrazzo style tile Courtney and Hans used even if it’s not real it it is stunning and the ensuite was lovely it was just missing that little something as it was so white and bright (except for the terrazzo) it needed some softening with maybe some timbers incorporated into the styling !

    As for Norm and Jess I hated the choice of marble it is definitely far to intense and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about marble, I felt the entire ensuite to be all wrong it looks cheap I hate the cabinetry and the space is far too small !

    Kerri and Spence did a good job it was sophisticated though I feel a tad too pulled back and as they are the richest team I wanted too see that extra touch of luxury though I’m being picky and again picking but they should have used black toilet paper I don’t think I need to explain why and that stood out more than the vanity gap. Love the mirrors but also can’t stand the fact that the two sides of the wall above the vanity are a different size !

    Sara and Hayden hmmm I do feel for them !
    I absolutely love the bath and I’m a huge fan of brass but there is too many textures in this ensuite and for me a herringbone floor in my opinion is a massive no no! I would change everything just to much that bath even though I like the fixtures. I would have loved to see a black and gold marble used in that ensuite on one of the walls and on top of the vanity I have an image in my head of what that ensuite could of been, it was too dark but darker ensuites don’t bother me when done right !

    Bianca and Carla ! Well I’m unsure about this bathroom also and I keep wondering weather it’s because of that mirror? Maybe if it had rounded edges it would work or if they did something similar to Kerri and Spence !


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