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blush dinnerware wedding cake plate my bowl ceramics

12 Blush Pink Decorating Ideas for your Home

Today I want to share some blush pink decorating ideas with you. The reason is simple: it’s my firm belief that every interior needs a little blush in it. It doesn’t matter what style of home you have, blush is a subtle colour pop you can add in with ease.

Sure, it’s perceived as a little girly, but I don’t like to assign colours a gender. If it works, it works! And because a lot of the homes I decorate are Hamptons, coastal, Scandi or contemporary in their aesthetic, I always get to work in some blush (if the client will go for it). I gotta admit, it pleases me to no end to see this hue shine in a home.

I know blush and millennial pink have been called ‘on-trend’ so often the last year or so. But again, I don’t like to assign colours a time period. Blush is nice for now, and it’ll be nice in years to come. Of course, as you well know, I always like to introduce accent tones like pink in smaller decorative items, so that’s what this post is showcasing.

I hope it inspires you to crack out the credit card and get spending. Because if you can count on me for one thing, it’s encouraging you to spend your cash on homewares 😉 Enjoy!

blush pink plate by mr bowl ceramics

1. This Blush Pink Dinnerware is Everything

Both images above are of the same divine dinnerware. It’s from a brand called Mr Bowl Ceramics and I want and need it in my life immediately. Out of all the blush pink decorating ideas you’ll see in this post, this one is the most magical. The pieces are handmade in Lithuania and you can purchase them from Etsy. The link is below for you. Go forth and spend!

Click here to Shop this Dinnerware.

west elm blush armchair with gold arms

2. West Elm got me Good with this One

Be still my beating heart. Those clever cookies at West Elm have done it again. The blush pink upholstery and solid brass hardware in this chair is a true power couple. Move over Posh and Becks. The clean lines make it feel super sophisticated and I can picture it in a chic bedroom or living room setting. Pop on a cushion in a black and white pattern and you’re good to go.

Click here to Shop this Blush Upholstered Chair.

lorraine lea cooper towels in blush pink

3. Hallelujah for Blush Pink Bath Towels

It’s no secret that I’ve been a style partner for Lorraine Lea the past few years. I get to play with so many of their amazing homewares and bedding pieces for photo and video shoots. Their Cooper Towels are a fave of mine, and thankfully they come in so many colours. You can see how well the blush pink ones above play with other soothing shades like soft grey and mint. A definite colour pop in an all-white bathroom.

Click here to Shop the Cooper Towel Range.

Kmart Blush Plant Stand

4. Kmart are Creating Magic Again

I am beside myself at this magical pot plant stand from Kmart. This is probably the cheapest blush pink decorating idea on the list and it’s a new release from the brand. I reckon this is the sorta buy that’ll get snapped up in minutes, so you will want to get in quick. Now, to find a real life plant I haven’t killed to put in it – that’s the challenge!

Click here to Shop the Mesh Plant Stand.

audenze blush macrame wall hanging

5. When Blush and Ombre Combine

We love blush pink, but we also quite like an ombre effect, don’t we? When the two combine the results are pretty magical – as seen here in this dazzling wall hanging. I love the sense of texture it brings to a blank wall, and reckon it’d look fab in a living space or kids room. Go on, shop away – you deserve it!

Click here to shop the Wall Hanging.

Beach Blues baby blush mason jar

6. Taking Blush Pink in a Crafty Direction

The mason jar conjures up all sorts of charming, crafty visuals for me. I love them used at events on the centre of a table, but you can take the look into numerous pockets of your home. Use it as a vase on a side table, or pop some pens in it and have it shine on the desk in your home office. So versatile and very cute!

Click here to Shop the Mason Jar Range.

blush table runner for wedding table by linen lark

7. You need to do a Blush Table Runner

Speaking of tables at events… get a load of this gorgeous moment. Does it get any more soft and chic than running a beautiful blush table runner down the centre of a table? And you don’t need to wait for an event to use it either. You could display this one on your dining table on-the-daily and enjoy the charm it’d bring to your tablescape.

Click here to Shop the Table Runner.

plant lady print in blush pink by the print annex

8. Now this is One I’m Certain you’re Loving

Indoor plants; I may not be able to keep them alive but I do love the look of them. And hey, if you’re not able to keep them alive either, consider buying fake plants – I love ’em! This print is so chic and simple, and would look good on its own or in a gallery wall cluster with black and white tones. A versatile beauty, don’t you think?

Click here to Shop the Print.

blush peonies wall art by print and proper

9. We Can’t Pass up a good Floral Moment

My list of blush pink decorating ideas wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t put some florals in the mix, right? And when the floral in question looks as delicious as this, it’s kinda hard to pass up. Love the way it’s been styled here in a Scandi setting. Though truth be told, it would work with loads of interior design schemes.

Click here to Shop the Wall Art Print.

blush macrame wall hanging by home vibes macrame

10. Pink Macrame? Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes!

Now you know I love me some macrame wall hangings. But I haven’t seen a lot of blush pink ones on the market in my time. This one is giving me heart palpitations in the best way possible. It’s also making me wish I had a daughter whose room I could put this in. Definitely one the kids will adore as much as you do!

Click here to Shop the Macrame Wall Hanging.

blush and white cushion by tribe and temple

11. Blush Pink Cushions for the Win

Would you get a load of the gorgeous soft tones in this cushion. It’s a decent size too, and it taps into the watercolour interior design trend that’s so hot right now in homes. You could keep things subdued and pair this with a white cushion, or you could take it in a more contrasting direction by bringing in some black or dark green colours. Truly gorgeous.

Click here to Shop the Cushion.

lorraine lea calais throw in blush pink

12. Let’s not Forget a Good Throw

We all have those bulky throws we can’t live without in winter. But then there are the lightweight ones which act as all-year-round coverings. This gorgeous Calais throw is definitely in the latter category, and features a set of textural tassels on both ends. It’s so light and luscious you could wear it as a scarf. Double duty decor & fashion!

Click here to Shop the Calais Throw.

the shorty pink locker bedside from mustard

13. I need Several of these Little Lockers

I thought I’d save the best for last and unleash this beauty on you. Most of the blush pink decorating ideas here have been smaller decor finds, but this is the exception. A beautiful locker from Aussie brand Mustard, the good thing about this piece of furniture is its versatility. Use it in a kids room, home office, or even in spaces like dining rooms and guest rooms. I love it!

Click here to Shop the Shorty in Blush.

lorraine lea taya white bedding set with blush cushions and throws

Share your Blush Pink Decorating Ideas Below…

OK, so I’ve hopefully shone a light on some blush pink decorating ideas you’ve not seen before, but now it’s your turn. I’d love it if you could drop a comment below and let me know if you’ve shopped any blush pink decor lately. Would love to know where you got it from.

Happy decorating!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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