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light green indoor plant pot design the plant society

Indoor Plant Pot Designs: 9 Fresh Buys from $15

I have nine indoor plant pot designs to share with you today that are so amazing I might just start buying real plants!

Actually, come to think of it, in my new apartment all the plants are real. Not a fake one in sight. What’s happened to me? I’ve shared my love for faux greenery and where to buy it with you many times in the past. And you know I love to put the fake stuff into client homes. But in my new apartment I have three real, living and thriving plants (even the fiddle leaf fig survived all of your crazy maintenance tips).

So I guess this post is as much for me is it is for you. And you know I’m just as into a budget buy as you are. That’s why I’ve included a good range of prices in this roundup (mixing budget and bougie is my thing, after all).

In true me style though (and it might be the same for you) some of my faves in the list are the most expensive. What can I say; the heart wants what the heart wants!

So let’s jump into my list of the latest and greatest indoor plant pot designs. Drop a comment at the end and let me know if there’s a retailer I’ve left out of the mix here.

target ember planters black indoor plant pot designs

1. Ember Plant Pots, from $15

I have to say, Target is upping its game like you wouldn’t believe right now. There are so many glorious drops landing in stores that feel so chic and designer. These Ember Plant Pots definitely slot into that category. The medium is $15 and the large is only $25. I say get both and rock two plants side by side in a glorious vignette. I want and need these in my life.

indoor plant pot designs evergreen planter pot life interiors

2. Evergreen Birch Pot, $25

You had me at rainbow. But then to pop that rainbow on an adorable indoor plant pot and showcase it in three subdued colourways… shut up and take me money! This divine Evergreen Birch Pot stands at under 16cm, making it a perfect addition to your bedside, coffee table or workspace. The speckled glaze finish also gives it a distinct point of difference, don’t you think?

indoor plant pot designs tuscan path blue abbey pot

3. Tuscan Path Abbey Pot, $32.70

I do appreciate a lightweight fibreglass pot that resembles heavier ceramic. It makes it so easy to move around your house without slipping a disk. This lush Tuscan Path Abbey Pot is not only easy to move but it is so rich in colour and detail. I’m loving the pattern on this beauty and blue is always my go-to, so I’m onto a winner there too. It does come in other shades though, which is great if you’re tastes are less vibrant.

haston metal planter pots stand black indoor plant pot design metal leg

4. Haston Metal Planter on Stand, $119

I think this is the design that would work best in my own home. It’s very moody but chic, but a bit industrial with a hint of Mid-Century. Actually, that kind of describes my aesthetic to a tee. There’s so much to love about this Haston Metal Planter on Stand. The colour story is striking. The legs introduce a sense of luxury. And at $119 for the larger size I say it’s time to whip out the credit card.

toast and honey indoor plant pot designs concrete pots with bright colours | TLC Interiors

5. Summit Plant Pot, $130

Colour lovers, now is the time for your heart to start racing. These Summit Plant Pots are absolutely worth the $130 price point if you knew how much work went into them. I’ve actually profiled the lovely maker of these wonderful indoor plant pot designs on the blog before. These are unique pieces of art that will be the wow-moment in your space, so I say you should purchase and bask in the knowledge you’re supporting a local maker.

capra designs indoor plant pot designs large etch planter in desert

6. Large Etch Planter, $179

Who doesn’t love a vintage inspired pattern? That’s what I love the most about this Large Etch Planter from Capra Designs. The pattern is actually hand etched into a mould to create the stunning design that ends up on the outside of the pot. Each one comes with a tray to ensure proper drainage too, so no stone has been left unturned here. And how soothing is the colour?

light green indoor plant pot design the plant society | TLC Interiors

7. Tall Tower Planter, $335

Now I know you might be thinking that $335 is a lot for an indoor plant pot design, but I had to include it. This Tall Tower Planter is a collab between The Plant Society and Capra Designs and it just makes me swoon. The serene green tone is hands-down my fave of the bunch, but it also comes in black, white and tan. Sometimes you just have to splurge when you love something, right? Hide the credit card receipt 😉

rj living plant pot pidestall flowerpot in red

8. Pidestall Flowerpot Tall, $339.15

We’re definitely hitting the higher end of the market in this indoor plant pot designs roundup. But good Lord what a gorgeous high-end it is. Emilie Stahl Carlsen is the Norwegian designer behind the Pidestall Flowerpot, and her work her is beyond measure. There are three sizes available in this range (the large is the one for $339.15), and a number of colours available too. I’ve added this to my bucket list.

oasis terracotta indoor plant pot design rj living

9. Northern Oasis Terracotta Pot, $577.80

OK, so never in my life will I be able to get one of these Northern Oasis Terracotta Pots, but a decorating junkie can dream, right?! It’s not only the stunning colour I adore here. And it’s not just the interlocking design either, which like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s the functionality that’s a winner here too. These planters are self-watering thanks to the interlocking containers, which gives them a stable base and an integrated water reservoir. Have I convinced you yet?

Are you swooning over my roundup of indoor plant pot designs? I’d love you to tell me below if there is a retailer doing phenomenal things in this space that I’ve left out. Drop a comment and tell me everything!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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4 Responses

  1. Can you please advise if you will be getting any further Haston Metal Planters in stock? Love them and would like to purchase two.

    Do you know where we can purchase these from please?

    Angela 🙂

  2. Have to say I actually prefer to lower priced pots Chris.
    The first two are stunners and I also love the Haston. It’s a bit different with the lovely metal stand!

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