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moody master bedroom with black wallpaper and tan leather headboard by heatherley designs

How to Create a Moody Master Bedroom you can Escape to

Creating a moody master bedroom you can escape to doesn’t have to be a hard task. It only becomes hard once you escape to it and your kids or pets start scratching at the door to get in #thestruggleisreal.

Sadly I don’t have any pointers to prevent anyone busting into your room (apart from a sturdy lock), but I do have some quick-fire tips that can take your humdrum boudoir in a chic, luxe, moody master bedroom direction in no time.

So let’s dive right into giving you some ideas and inspo to sort your space out!

How to Create a Moody Master Bedroom

black white and emerald moody master bedroom ideas from heatherley bedheads

The Colour Palette

Sorry Scandi lovers, but a moody master bedroom is, for the most part, a little darker. I would encourage you to get daring with black paint or wallpaper (like this), even if it’s just on the wall behind the head of the bed. This sets the mood for the space and allows lighter furniture pieces, like a headboard, to pop against it.

Along with a good dose of black, bring in tones that feel equally sophisticated. Charcoal greys, dark browns, tans, navy blues and even deep forest greens are a good idea. I’d avoid brights here. The most colourful I’d go is a mustard yellow is you want some zest.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t have a moody master bedroom that’s white. But if you’re going to do this, you’ll need to ensure there’s a large dose of the colours mentioned above executed throughout. So, a large black headboard paired with navy bedding, for example.

velvet blue headboard from heatherley designs with grey bedding and white wall

The Bedding

To give a bedroom a sense of moodiness and grandeur, the bedding needs to feel plush and layered. I would go with bedding in block colours for the most part, but do feel free to bring in some pattern on a small scale through cushions and throws.

You want to have a lot of pillows at the head of the bed and you want to ensure the cases are filled. Floppy pillows that don’t adequately fit the covers will cheapen the look and feel of the space.

When it comes to patterns in bedding, you can opt for more masculine prints like checks and stripes. Or you can take things in a more feminine direction with dark florals, as seen here. Try to let one pattern shine though, or the room will feel busy and lose the moodiness pretty quickly.

sheets on the line navy blue bedding in moody master bedroom with black timber panel bedroom wall

Loving this scenario via Sheets on the Line.

Textures and Materials

A moody master bedroom does tend to feel more high-end and refined. With this in mind, look to materials in a similar vibe.

A headboard is your moment to make a statement, and I’d recommend you try a upholstered variety or a leather one. Both will work. Wooden headboards are fine if you have them, though they can feel a little dated. You can actually make your own headboard at home, and it’s super easy. Click here for the tutorial

Look to accessories in marble and brass. Velvet, felt or velour will bring some necessary softness to the space, as will natural linens. Coloured glass decor will inject a little luxe to the situation too.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could panel a wall in a vertical configuration.

Luv Four Prints Serenity moody floral artwork with pink and black flowers

Moody Artworks

If you’re tight on budget and don’t want to paint, install wallpaper, or purchase a new headboard, artwork is your budget-friendly solution.

A large piece of moody art above the bed can do a lot of the hard yards for you in making the room feel a bit dark and mysterious. Keep it in a similar colour story to your bedding and the whole room will feel cohesive.

If you’re looking for a list of the best places to get moody art from, this post has you covered.

black timber panel bedroom wall with deep green bedding from sheets on the line

How do you do a Moody Master Bedroom?

Do you have a moody master bedroom on your hands? I’d love to know what key features you included in the design to give it that dark and mysterious vibe. Drop a comment below and share your style secrets. I’d love to hear from you!

The first three images in this post come via Heatherley Design. Check out their website here. Other images via Sheets on the Line and Love Four Prints.

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  • Rin


    Hi Chris!
    I’m building a new home at the moment and planning a dark and moody master retreat. We already have a dark upholstered bed (Warwick Mystere Cosmic) but now I’m trying to find a dark wallpaper to put on the wall behind it. The choices are overwhelming!

    9 December, 2017
  • Sharon


    Hi like the first and third look. Not keen on the grey wall of the second could use some colour or wallpaper.

    15 October, 2019

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